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According to Mark Gurman, I Guessed Right About the iPad Pro Release

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I wrote about some of the rumors that Apple’s coming iPad and MacBook Pros could be delayed and/or severely constrained a couple of days ago. Based on what little we knew at the time, I guessed that Apple would still release their new iPad Pros soon, even if the models have to be staggered and are only available in limited quantities.

Today we got some trustworthy reporting that’s making me feel pretty good about that educated guess.

According to Mark Gurman and Debby Wu of Bloomberg, Apple isn’t letting a little global chip shortage get them down. Or in the case of the coming iPad Pro update, poor miniLED yields.

The Cupertino, California-based tech giant plans to showcase a new MiniLED display technology in the 12.9-inch iPad Pro set to be announced as early as the second half of April. But the firm’s overseas suppliers are dealing with poor manufacturing yields, the people who asked not to be named discussing sensitive matters said. At least one of the MiniLED makers has had to recently pause production as a result, one person added.

Apple still intends to announce updated iPad Pro tablets in two sizes as early as this month, other people familiar with its product road map said. The MiniLED screen, which will improve contrast ratios and deliver a brighter picture, will be exclusive to the pricier 12.9-inch model. The production hiccup could mean that the larger iPad Pro will ship later and be available in constrained quantities to begin with, the people said.

As for the miniLED screens, this kind of thing is par of the course with new consumer tech features. That is especially the case when dealing with a company like Apple that has very high quality standards for hardware. They will eventually smooth out the rough edges. but it may be slow going for the first few months.

This is mostly good news for iPad fans. At least it sounds pretty certain that a release is coming soon…this time. I wouldn’t be surprised if Apple forgoes the event we all expected earlier this year for just a press release to announce the new Pros at this point. However it happens, it look like it will happen in April.

Based on the above quotes, I do have a bad feeling that the new 12.9″ Pro, the one most of us will be after, will end up releasing as much as a month later. Well, we’ve all waited this long. I can’t lie though- I’m regretting selling my old iPad Pro as early as I did.

Gurman and Wu aren’t the only Apple watchers saying that an iPad Pro release date is coming up soon. According to AppleTrack earlier today, Jon Prosser is reporting that Apple Stores are gearing up for a new product release next week. That seems to line up perfectly with today’s Bloomberg report when it comes to Apple’s release window.

The rumors of the new iPad Pro are definitely starting to flow now. That’s usually a really good sign.

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    1. I would definitely try to hold out until 4/20. That’s when the new iPad Pros are rumored to be announced.

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