Apple Spilled the Beans on its New iPad Pros

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Photo Source: iPhone In Canada

Yesterday brought all the proof we need that new iPad Pros are coming very soon. First off, we got an old reliable indicator from across the world. The Eurasian Economic Commission, which has turned out to be a very reliable indicator of impending Apple releases, posted filings for new iPad Pros yesterday.

However, the final blow came when someone at Apple dropped the ball and briefly posted model numbers and basic information on four new iPad Pros on their Chinese-language website. The information was quickly pulled down, but you can thank iPhone in Canada for keeping the receipts.

Well, I guess there isn’t any mystery left at this point. Despite a few earlier rumors (and some conjecture on my own part) about Apple possible splitting up the iPad Pro release schedule, these leaks are pretty clear. Both the 11″ and 12.9″ versions of the Pro are being updated and cellular versions of each will be available. Those rumors were based on additional reports of another iPad Pro with a new processor and Mini-LED screen coming late this year. It’s now clear that, if another device is coming in 2020, it will be a new model.

One thing we still don’t know about is the Smart Keyboard Folio for these new iPad Pros. If the new models have updated cameras with three lenses and a larger bump, as has been widely rumored, they will require Smart Keyboards with design modifications at the very least. However, there have been multiple reports that a version with backlit keys and the same scissor-switch mechanism as the Magic Keyboard and new 16″ MacBook Pro is coming this year. Will it arrive soon with these new iPad Pros? Personally, I am betting so.

How about the other recent rumors of a trackpad being added to the Smart Keyboard Folio? I am not as sure about that one showing up with these new Pros. As I have predicted before, I don’t think Apple will release this new feature until they can roll out wider mouse support for iPad OS. That isn’t happening until WWDC, which is in June. If these new Pros are coming soon, and it looks like they are at the moment, then I have to believe that a Smart Keyboard Folio with a trackpad is coming later in the year. That makes sense when you think about it, as it would be an additional selling point for a new, higher-end iPad Pro model.

There are two more details we don’t know- when will these new iPad Pros arrive and how will Apple announce them? As for the when, it could literally be any day now. With yesterday’s accidental leak, I have to think it will be sometime in the next 7 days.

As for how Apple will announce, with worldwide travel restrictions and bans on large gatherings, Apple obviously isn’t going to hold a public event. While we know that they will be streaming a keynote for WWDC online in June, I am not sure they will go to the trouble of doing a live online announcement for two iPad Pros that look like fairly pedestrian upgrades. Unless something else of note is coming at the same time, I have to believe these new iPad Pros will arrive via a simple press release.

In a world full of tension and fear over a threat you can’t see without a microscope, reviewing a couple of new iPad Pros would be a brief but welcomed distraction right now. Maybe Apple will throw in those new over the ear headphones while they are at it, too. New Apple gear certainly doesn’t feel like a big priority at this time, but there’s nothing wrong with a little diversion to keep you company in quarantine and bring a little bit of normalcy for Apple fans.

James Rogers

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