Apple’s iPad Event is Finally Revealed!

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Apple finally sent out the invites today, and Tuesday, October 30 is the day. The event is being held at the Brooklyn Academy of Music, Howard Gilman Opera House in Brooklyn New York. While this announcement has been the worst kept secret in tech since the iPhone event wrapped with no iPad news, the date is probably the least interesting part of this announcement and invite. Here are a few things that stand out to me:

An Invitation to Creativity

Apple usually goes out of its way to make creative invitations that say something about the event they announce. In this case, there are over 65 different variations of the Apple logo that have been caught out in the wild so far, so this one definitely took some effort. I think it is pretty obvious that the event will touch on both content creation, and using devices for creative tasks. I think the iPad Pro’s capabilities will be the feature here.

Also, the hand-drawn look of the logos makes the Apple Pencil immediately come to mind. We have heard rumors of an Apple Pencil update, but there haven’t been any hardware leaks indicating that the release of a new version is imminent. However, at the very least, we can assume that the Pencil will be featured prominently., It also wouldn’t surprise me to see the coming full version of Adobe Photoshop get a mention on stage, as well.


This show starts at 10 AM Eastern, which is a bit odd since it means west coasters will have to get up and and at ’em at 7 AM to keep up with the announcements. It will be odd to have this event so early, but this time should actually work better for me.

Location, Location, Location

With Apple opening its own presentation venue, the Steve Jobs Theater on the Apple Park campus, you would think that all of their announcements and major events would be held there. However, this is the second event in 2018 to be held at a school in a different city. The new iPad and its Pencil compatibility were revealed at Lane Tech in Chicago back in March. If the little bit of a pattern that we’ve seen holds, then we can bank on the iPhone event to be held on Apple’s home court. WWDC seems to be settled into San Jose now after a couple of years. Other events like this one are anyone’s guess based on this year’s iPad events.

Don’t cross the streams

One big positive of this iPad Pro event over the previous one is that we will get a live stream from Apple this time out. If you don’t remember, Apple forced us all to relive the liveblog to keep up with their iPad reveal in early 2018. How quaint. But seriously, it is definitely much easier to get a sense of the event and what is being announced seeing it for yourself in real-time, rather than getting the details filtered through someone else’s point of view. I am very happy that Apple was able to make it happen this time around.

Return of the Mac

While the Mac hasn’t been hiding anywhere, a couple of members of the family are long overdue for for an overhaul. The Mac Pro is still months out, but there have been many indications that the MacBook Air will either be upgraded or replaced by a less-expensive MacBook, and that the Mac Mini will finally get some love again. These two venerable devices are long overdue for some attention, so I hope they are both on the agenda.

Odds and ends

It looks like the iPad Pros will have the most changes of anything else we think will be announced at the event. As such, they should be the highest profile of the event’s announcements. Any Mac announcements will fall in just behind. Then we have several other potential devices and topics that could be covered. There could be a new Apple Pencil. Refreshed AirPods have been discussed and could be on the agenda. I doubt the elusive AirPower finally lands here, but you never know.

Then we also have the possibility of updates and other discussions. iOS 12 is still missing the multi-user version of FaceTime, and this event seems like the perfect time for Apple to detail the release. The same goes for the Apple Watch and its EKG feature. Also, it is no accident that this event is soon after sales of the iPhone XR begin. You can bet money that we will get a numbers update, even if it is brief.

Preorder Preference

Apple threw us a couple of curveballs with the iPad Pro announcement last year. First of all, it came at WWDC, which was new. However, even more notable was that Apple opened preorders for the devices as soon as the event was over. Considering that the big fans of the devices are likely to follow the hardware announcement, this was a great way to give them a little bit of preference. Also, I can’t express how much I prefer this to waking up at 1:50 AM Central to hammer the Apple Store app. Come on, Apple. Take pity on us iPad lovers again.

New iPad Pros are just 12 days away. I can’t wait! Who’s with me?



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