2021 iPad Pro m1

iPad Pro Preorders Begin This Morning With a Delivery Date Next Month Now Looking Solid

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2021 iPad Pro m1

After delays and chip shortages, the new iPad Pro is finally getting close. If you aren’t aware, preorders begin later this morning at 5 AM Pacific (6 AM Mountain, 7 AM Central, 8 AM Eastern). Thanks to that chip shortage, supplies will likely be short so be ready to roll right when the fun begins or you will likely have have a long wait ahead.

Speaking of that wait, it looks like we now know the ship date for the new Pros. Jon Prosser first leaked May 21st as the date for the 12.9″ iPad Pro, with the 22nd oddly given as a separate date for the 11″ model. However, Prosser has since backed away from the 22nd and says that both models will arrive on the same day.

That’s the thing about leaks. Sometimes they are right , but the leaker doesn’t know the context or what to make of them.

Since Prosser’s report, further confirmation of the 5/21 date has come from retail outlets, including John Lewis in the UK. Even more definitive confirmation came from 9to5Mac yesterday:

Today’s Apple Newsroom press release reminding customers about tomorrow’s preorders also seems to have accidentally referenced the May 21 date in its source code. In the website HTML for the press release in the UK, it reads:

That’s about as much confirmation as we can get before Apple spells it out for those who place the earliest orders later this morning.

I’ll be picking up a 128 GB Cellular model tomorrow. The only thing I’m debating at this point is whether to get Space Gray or Silver. I wish gold was still an option, but color isn’t all that important.

What about all of you out there? Is anyone else preordering this morning? If so, what are you getting? Let me know in the Comments section below or on Twitter @iPadInsightBlog.



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One thought on “iPad Pro Preorders Begin This Morning With a Delivery Date Next Month Now Looking Solid”

  1. I am in Australia and called the Apple Store this morning, 30th, 10am, to order the iPad Pro 12.9, Magic Keyboard, and Pencil. I was utterly disgusted to be told that for Australians the orders did not open until 10 PM today, the 30th. This is the first time Apple have actively discriminated against us and made it impossible to order until Saturday morning the 1st May. Sure, we could order on the 30th IF the store was open at 10pm … . I have written this off as one of Apple’s dirty little tricks and have lost respect for their organisational integrity.

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