Living with the New iPad Pros- Take Care Out There

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In case you haven’t already heard, the new iPad Pros are maybe a little too thin for their own good. If you didn’t see the YouTube video that started the latest Apple controversy, take a look:

Ok, so it’s the iPhone 6 Plus all over again, right? It seemed that Apple has once again made a device that is susceptible to bending and even breaking. This will be fun to hear about over the next month.

A lot of people are going to freak out about this and blow it out of proportion, but I have to agree with Chris Welch of The Verge and his more measured take on this situation. Any time you have a thin and light device with as much surface area as the iPad, it will be susceptible to problems. The iPad Pro isn’t alone in this regard, either. As Mr Welch says, if you want to destroy a tablet, you are probably going to be able to with your hands.

That said, I can’t help but be alarmed by the small amount of effort that it took for this reviewer to literally bend this Pro in half. That shouldn’t happen that easily. I’m usually very skeptical of any new “gate” controversies, but I think Apple may have legitimately pushed thin and light too far this time around. I have often been critical of their obsession with the race to thinner and lighter and I can’t help but feel like this is another instance of Apple putting this priority above usability.

Based on all this, you may have some questions.

What do we do??????

If you already have an iPad Pro, just be careful and get a case. The case market for the new Pros is still getting revved up at this point, but Otterbox has already released a more protective case. Targus also has a lineup available. Hopefully UAG and others know for making cases that provide a little extra protection will have new Pro gear available soon, as well. I know that I will be looking for something a little more protective for the 11″ Pro, since I plan on using it in the field at work. I was already planning on getting one, but seeing this video has made it more of a priority.

If you are planning on using Apple’s Smart Keyboard Folio, you definitely need to be careful. While it definitely adds a bit of extra rigidity, it isn’t going to protect a Pro in more extreme situations. I am still using mine on the 12.9″ Pro and I will definitely be more cautious with it after all of this.

Should I avoid the iPad Pro?

This one is actually pretty simple. Have you owned an iPad before? Did you damage it? If the answers are yes and no for anything beyond cracking the screen, then you are ok. If you have been careful enough with previous iPads and don’t mind using a case, then the new Pros will still work just fine for you.

Can I carry the new iPad Pro naked?

Honestly, I wouldn’t recommend it. I wouldn’t anyway, but you would definitely be taking a risk with this particular version. This is especially true if you will be taking it anywhere.

Should I get AppleCare?

Considering what the repair costs for these new iPads run, you may want to. If you are only using a Pro around the house, maybe this isn’t a big concern. If you are going to be using it in places where it could be damaged, then it’s probably worth it.

Anyone who has purchased an iPad Pro is still within the 60 day period of eligibility, so you have time to add it if you didn’t at purchase. AppleCare+ is $129 up front, or $5.99 per month for 24 months. As for me, I didn’t add AC+ at purchase, but I will likely add it now. I’m still debating keeping one or both iPads, so I would like to settle that first, but I am thinking that AC+ is a smart investment.

If you don’t get AC+ and end up bending and damaging your iPad Pro, I would definitely recommend taking it to an Apple Store and press in your case for a warranty replacement due to defect. Whenever issues like this arise, Apple Geniuses are given a little bit of latitude to take case of unhappy customers. I would definitely give this a shot if you find yourself holding a bent up iPad Pro with no AC+ to back you up.

If you can’t see past the potential of the new iPads to bend, remember that Apple is still offering last year’s 10.5″ model at a reduced price, so it may be a good option for you. There will also be good deals on used and refurbed 10.5″ and 12.9″ previous gen Pros. The older models are still fast and have plenty of power, so they may be a better fit if the “flexibility” of the new Pros is a no-go for you.

Like I said in the title, just take care out there.

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