Lots of New Leaks of the Coming iPad Pros

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Photo Source: Slashleaks

Several new leaked images of the coming iPad Pros have showed up over the past 24 hours courtesy of Slashleaks and mysmartprice. Not only do they look really good, but they also look dead-on similar to each other and to other recent leaks. The closer we get to an announcement, the more credible these leaks become, so I have very high confidence that these images are the real deal.

While it almost appears to be a raised edge at first glance, I am assuming that this feature on the edge is an embedded antenna. It actually adds a little visual interest to the normally very plain back of the device.

This image clearly shows a USB-C port on the bottom, and calls the small feature just above it the Smart Connector. Unfortunately, I cannot read Chinese, so I don’t know what the new port on the right side (the bottom when in landscape orientation) is. That looks more like what we are used to with the Smart Connector. Maybe this port is specifically geared toward docking and charging? We will know soon enough.

5.85 mm is super thin. This could feel similar to the difference between the original iPad and the iPad 2, especially if the new Pros are as light as they will be thin.

It looks like we are not getting new screen sizes this year, which was rumored in previous months. It is possible that those leaks came from prototypes that either Apple passed on or are coming in the future.

Photo Source: mysmartprice

Another leak from earlier today shows the new iPad Pro in a UAG case. This makes sense, as this case seems to fit UAG’s design aesthetic. While the description says this is the 12.9″ iPad Pro model, the size of the Apple Pencil in comparison reveals that it is actually the 10.5″ version. Either way, this still gives us a great real-world look at the hardware.

Even more notable, we can see the TrueDepth camera for Face ID clearly located just to the right of the case’s Pencil holder. While all of us Apple users have all become conditioned to the iPhone’s notch, I can’t lie. This looks better, especially on a tablet. I am glad that Apple isn’t arbitrarily putting a notch on the iPad Pro just for branding purposes.

While there isn’t anything earth-shattering in these images, it’s just good to get more evidence that the new iPad Pro is real and is coming very soon. I am also very happy to see mounting evidence that the device will support Face ID in landscape, refuting several rumors from earlier this year. Now if can just figure out what is going on with these new ports on the back and side, then we will have a pretty clear picture of Apple’s new tablet hardware.

What do you think of these images? See anything you like, or maybe something that you don’t? Let me know what you think in the Comments section below, on Flipboard, our Facebook page, on Twitter, or on our new Instagram account.

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