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Ming-Chi Kuo Predicts Two Additional Mini-LED iPads for 2020 and 2021

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This along with two more iPads and two more Macs

Last Fall, Ming-Chi Kuo made a prediction that Apple was developing a new 16″ MacBook Pro and a new 12.9″ iPad Pro for release in the Fall of 2020. Now he is back (via MacRumors) with a new report that Apple will have four additional devices to go with these, including two additional iPad models.

In this report, Kuo says that a new 27″ iMac Pro, 16″ MacBook Pro, 14.1″ MacBook Pro, 12.9″ iPad Pro, 10.2″ iPad and iPad Mini will be coming between this Fall and 2021. All of the above will feature Mini-LED screens that are brighter, while also thinner and more energy efficient. The more the merrier.

As for timing, Kuo only indicates that the iMac Pro will be available in the 4th quarter of this year and that the iPad Mini will be available in 2020, as well. He previously predicted that the 12.9″ iPad Pro and 16″ MacBook Pro will be available this Fall. That makes it seem like the 14.1″ MacBook and 10.2″ iPad will arrive sometime in 2021. Of course, it is possible that plans have changed and some of these devices will be pushed a bit later.

So there is some great news for iPad fans in this report. First off, more confirmation that a new 12.9″ iPad Pro with Mini-LED is a good thing. The more this device comes up, the more likely that it is still in the works and bouncing around in Apple’s supply chain. Kuo is well-known for his sources in the Apple supply chain, so if he keeps talking about it, there’s likely something to it.

As for the other new iPads, it’s good to hear that Apple may be extending this new screen technology across the iPad lineup, rather than just reserving it for the Pro models. If it doesn’t raise the prices of the 10.2″ iPad or iPad Mini, then that’s a nice win for users who don’t need a Pro. I’m especially interested to see if Apple takes this opportunity to slim the Mini down even more, which would likely be very popular with fans of the smaller iPad.

One other item to note is that Kuo says the fallout from the Coronavirus won’t hinder the development of Mini-LED technology and devices. That’s a good thing, I guess. While we here in the States and elsewhere are just starting to deal with this new public health threat, it seems that China and other countries in SE Asia are starting to get a handle on the situation. The number of new cases seems to be dropping there, and if that holds, then so should Ming-Chi Kuo’s predictions.

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