2020 12.9 iPad Pro

The 2020 iPad Pro: The 12.9 is Heading Back to Apple

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2020 12.9 iPad Pro

It’s only been a few days, but I think I’m entering new territory here. After kicking the tires on both 2020 iPad Pro sizes, I just don’t see a compelling reason to upset my apple cart (yeah, I know) and get rid of my 2018 12.9″ Pro. I don’t have a need for LiDAR and most of the small upgrades that are included don’t impact the way I use the device at work or at home.

The camera update on the 2020 Pros is significant and I can benefit from that in my writing here, but that’s the only upgrade that really moves the needle for me. When I do iPhone accessory reviews, I obviously can’t use it to take pictures. My current Pro’s camera is ok, but it doesn’t really compare to the current iPhones.

Sure, I can take pics using my older Samsung mirrorless camera, but getting them and formatting and compressing them to an acceptable size for WordPress is a process. It’s a lot easier and less time consuming to just use an iOS device. The new Pro’s cameras could definitely help with that.

That said, a nicer camera isn’t enough to get me to keep an $999 iPad Pro. At this point, I’m set on sending the 12.9″ 2020 iPad Pro back to Apple. That’s definitely new for me, as I have bought most of Apple’s iOS-based devices over the last three years. Part of that is because I’m a fan and some is because I write for this site.

I will never deny that I usually look forward to getting my hands on every new iOS-based Apple device. And as far as my work for the site goes, I do get paid a modest amount to write here and most of that money goes right back into buying devices and accessories that I review here. It’s a virtuous circle for me, in that respect.

However, this year’s 12.9″ iPad Pro just doesn’t offer enough new features to be worth the trouble of a device changeover. I say that as both fan and writer. Trying to sell my current Pro to raise extra funds the way things are in the world right now just doesn’t seem like a great idea. Then there’s the fact that I would have to replace the cases that I use to fit the 2020 version. While the old ones do fit for temporary use, they block the LiDAR sensor and the camera flash.

We have a bit of a wait for both Brydge Pro+ and Apple’s new Magic Keyboard and there’s no way I’m bothering with Apple’s Smart Keyboard Folio anymore. And when these cases do arrive, they will work just fine with the iPad Pro I already have. It just seems like too much effort for very little return.

Then there’s the rumors of another new Pro coming later in the year. Assuming it does arrive on time, I have a feeling that model is going to cost more than the current versions do. As both fan and writer, the better bet seems to be to save a few bucks now and spend them on that new model later on.

While this goes for the 12.9″ version of the 2020 iPad Pro, I am still debating what to do with the 11″ model. I haven’t made up my mind there yet. It’s less expensive, so if I do decide to hold onto a 2020 Pro for the camera and to kick the tires on LiDAR as more apps that really take advantage of it become available, it will be the 11. But sometime this week, the 12.9″ will be on a truck back to Apple.

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