Steven Sinofsky iPad Setup

The Former Head of Windows at Microsoft Shows Off His iPad Pro Setup

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Steven Sinofsky iPad Setup

The tech world is pretty stable at the top, where CEOs and high ranking staff at the biggest companies often stay in one place for long periods of time. However, there are still interesting moves that take place, sometimes by choice and others times, well, not so much. Such was the case for Steven Sinofsky, at least if you believe what the tech press had to say about his departure from Microsoft back in 2012.

Life is full of interesting ironies. One that I can’t help but notice is that the former head of Windows at Microsoft is now an outspoken fan of the iPad. Earlier this week, he tweeted a picture of his current “desktop” setup that drew some attention.

Well played. Personally, I think there are a lot better Bluetooth keyboards to be had than the Magic Keyboard out there, but the Magic Trackpad 2 is as good as it gets with the iPad’s trackpad support. That, and I actually like the stand and may take a look at a raised one for my own use at home. Here is the total bill of material that Mr Sinofsky detailed in a later tweet.

As Mr Sinofsky details through the conversation that ensued, this is more of a secondary solution than a primary desktop computer. However, his setup is still a good example of just how far the iPad has come in terms of becoming a serious and complete computing solution. It isn’t all the way there yet, but it does feels like it’s on the way and making steady progress forward.

Then there’s the inescapable irony of who’s using this setup. This is the same guy who championed the first Surface devices less than a decade ago in direct response to the iPad. There’s just no way to overlook that and I have a feeling that fact wasn’t lost on Mr Sinofsky when he composed the initial tweet above. It got a good conversation started that was respectful for the most part, so I tip my cap to him. Personally, I love following him on Twitter, as he has some interesting insights on the industry and a unique perspective from his time on the inside. He definitely doesn’t mind stirring the pot, either.

Sure, it’s easy to try and use such a thing to throw stones at Microsoft and Windows superfans. However, that would be more than a little hypocritical of me, being a longtime Windows user myself. I’ll leave the trolling to others, as there’s really no point. I’ll take a drama-free conversation about the strengths and weaknesses of products and platforms over trolling any day.

As a Windows user and a huge fan of the iPad and iPadOS myself, I feel like I have a little bit of insight into Mr Sinofsky’s point of view and perspective. It’s about finding and using the best tool for the job. For me, sometimes that’s a Windows laptop and others it’s an iPad Pro.

I also take another little nugget from this- no matter what your history is with computing platforms, it’s a good thing to remain open to new devices and OSs. Try new things. Kick the tires on other devices when and if you can. The best tool for the job today may not be the best tomorrow. Be willing to take a look around or you could miss out.

What do you think of Mr Sinofsky’s setup? Let me know in the comments section below or on Twitter @iPadInsightBlog.


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