Thinking of Saying Goodbye to the iPad Pro for a Bit

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I’ve owned an iPad Pro since the spring of 2016, when I picked one up used just a few months after the 12.9″ first gen device was released. It was that extra size and the brand new at the time Apple Pencil that pulled me in, but it was the additional versatility and utility of the device that kept me interested over time.

As the hardware has grown more capable, I’ve become more attached to using a tablet of this size. However, it was iOS 11’s addition of real multitasking and then iPadOS 13’s huge upgrade that really sealed the deal for me. As the software has expanded on what the iPad Pro’s already powerful hardware can do, I’ve only grown more attached to using my device, both at work and at home. It’s a reliable secondary device at work and basically by de-facto home computer at this point.

All that said, I think it’s time to de-clutter a bit in advance of the imminent release of a new iPad Pro. Out with the 2018 and a few accessories and in with the 2021, as it were.

First off, any new iPad Pro is expensive and I honestly wouldn’t be surprised if the coming miniLED edition costs a few bucks more than last year’s model. While it’s nice to hang onto devices and pass them down, everyone in our house is pretty well covered for electronics and computing devices for school and home. With no overriding reason to keep my 2018 12.9″ Pro, it would certainly ease the burden a bit to cash out now and get a little more than selling after the new model is announced.

As for accessories, there are certainly a few of those I could stand to part with. I’m going to offer a couple of things with the iPad Pro, but I’ve actually been thinking about posting a few other items here, as well. I have some older review items, some that I’ve bought and others that were sent to me to look at, that I can certainly stand to part with. Rest assured that this would not be a profit-making enterprise. Basically you pay the shipping plus a few bucks for boxing and handling and it’s yours. Anyway, I’ll come back around to this later and anyone who’s interested can benefit on a first come, first services basis.

Second. a little change sounds like a good thing right now. I haven’t been without an iPad Pro for more than a couple of weeks since 2016, so shaking things up a bit has some appeal. I’ve still got the iPad Air and a Logitech Combo Touch Keyboard Case, so it’s not like I’m going cold turkey. However, it’s a different device and I don’t really use the smaller screen quite the same way. That said, it might be a good thing to push it a bit further and see if the 11″ form factor can meet my needs better than I expect.

Does anyone else out there sell their devices a few weeks to a month before a new release to make a few bucks extra? I used to do this often when I didn’t have a modest writing gig to help support my crazy Apple habit. It’s been a while, but this is actually a pretty good time to do it again. I still have the iPad Air and I’m not using my Pro as much at work at the moment because of what I’m currently doing. I will appreciate the new one more after missing out for a month or so.

Hopefully it will go well and sell for a reasonable price. If you know anyone looking for a used 2018 iPad Pro  in good condition with a few accessories, send them my way.


James Rogers

I am a Christian husband and father of 3 living in the Southeastern US. I have worked as a programmer and project manager in the Commercial and Industrial Automation industry for over 19 years, so I am hands on with technology almost every day. However, my passion in technology is for mobile devices, specifically Apple's iOS and iPadOS hardware and software. My favorite is still the iPad.

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10 thoughts on “Thinking of Saying Goodbye to the iPad Pro for a Bit”

    1. I tend to use the Air for media often, especially on the go. It’s smaller and has a brand new battery. I have written a few articles with it, but I do prefer the larger screen for that.

      I have used it at work for a couple of quotes. The Magic Keyboard on my 12.9 isn’t conducive to this at all and I don’t carry a naked iPad Pro around at work. The Combo Touch keyboard case on my Air is a more protective case and the 11” Air is a little easier to carry while taking notes on and pictures of a potential job site.

      I use my 12.9 as a second screen at work and for editing and marking up PDFs with the Apple Pencil, among other things. And the 12.9 is my main writing device for this site. It’s still the device I naturally gravitate towards.

    1. Unless you are interested in an iPad Pro, I mostly talking about cases and a couple of other accessories. I will be posting about what I have to send out in the next few days, so stay tuned.

    2. Check my new post today. I’ve got 9 different cases listed to give away. Just pay the shipping and handling and one of them is yours.

  1. James,

    When do you think the Pros or the iPad in general will support true extended monitor support? I’m looking forward to seeing the items you are going to sell. Yes, I used to sell items prior to new ones being released.

    Thanks for your articles!


    1. I really hope we get extended monitor support this year. I have a feeling it would have come last year if not for work delays due to COVID.

      Thanks for reading, as always!

  2. I have been looking for the larger iPad Pro for my wife who is legally blind. She needs everything magnified for easier reading. She uses her iPhone 7+ right now. If you need a good home for your iPad pro, please let me know. I would definitely be interested. Thank you for your time.

  3. Mileages may vary… James, you seem to get rid of an old device in order to help pay for a new one. Whereas I buy a new one when I need one (some ROTFL would be due here), and keep using the currents ones.

    Ever since I bought a then new iPad 2, I have been a tablet man, even hardly using the appealing notebooks I bought in late 2019. Recently, I found that much of the software I bought for my first MacBooks wouldn’t work with Big Sur, so I spent an amount on upgrading the software. That may show, how much of a tablet man I am.

    The large 2018 iPad Pro happens to be my default device at all – and I’m typing this on its screen keyboard in portrait orientation on the couch.

    I don’t plan any computer-hardware purchases in 2021, except a mifi that will connect me to 5G networks, but I may well delay so until the most interesting mobile frequency bands will have become available (here in the Netherlands).

  4. I never sell my used Apple products, i usually pass them down or toss in a drawer..I have my very first iPod Touch , 1st gen…I has a cracked screen but works fine, I have some videos on it and for some reason the same videos have changed, music videos…it’s never connected to the web in case Apple gets their fingers on it with the cloud and updates them to a crappier version, case in point, Shania Twain video, forever and for always , is the original video when I bought it, I downloaded it to my new iPad Pro, 2020, and the video is not there, just the music. The cloud has ripped me off

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