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I was busy and focused on several things at work a week ago when I got a text from a friend asking if I had ordered the new Magic Keyboard. My immediate reaction was one word- Dammit! I’m usually pretty good about staying up on new announcements, but every once in a while, Apple sneaks one in on me. They got me good last Wednesday.

I’ve been waiting for the Magic Keyboard. Not since I pre-ordered it somewhat late last Wednesday, but since the first time I used an iPad Pro in 2016. I’ve definitely wanted it over the Smart Keyboard, which I have never liked. I called it that Apple would release an improved keyboard accessory with a trackpad in my New Year’s prediction post and here it finally is. The rumors were out there before we got a look at it, but the reality was definitely more impressive than the reports.

I’ve been clear in an article here and on Twitter that I am a bit disappointed in the Magic Keyboard as shown in the early reviews and videos that I’ve seen. $350 is a big price tag for an accessory that turned out to be a little more limited than what I was hoping for. But that aside, I’m still looking forward to getting my hands on one and trying it out. I’m not sure it will ever be a keyboard case that I can use all the time, especially at work, but I still want to try it in person before saying too much else.

It’s hard to review a product when you’re late to the party, but I at least got my invitation yesterday afternoon. I finally got notice that my Magic Keyboard has shipped and will be here Friday. That’s great, as it will give me the weekend to take it for a spin. Whatever initial disappointment I had when my high (probably unrealistically high) expectations weren’t met, I still want to give this new keyboard case as clean of a slate as I can and see where it comes out after real use. Hopefully it will surprise me.

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