Answers to Your iPad Questions – Round 1 and Gift Card Winner

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A few days ago I put up a post asking for your iPad questions, and promising we’d do our best to answer them. The response to the post was great – we had questions submitted via comments on the post, via email, Twitter, and even our Facebook page.

I also mentioned that we’d offer a little incentive and give a $20 iTunes Gift Card to one of our question submitters. Our winner for that is Danny G. Danny – keep an eye on your Inbox and spam folders – the gift card has already been sent out to you.

Now let’s move on to answers to your iPad questions. I’ve tried to group the answers a little bit by topic to (hopefully) make this post easier to read through. Our answers are in block quote format below:

Questions Where ‘iOS 5 Will Fix That’ Is the Answer

Question from Joe and Danny G: Why doesn’t the Photos app on the iPad support adding a new album, renaming an albumn, and moving pictures by dragging from one albumn to another? You mean I have to plugin in to my laptop and use iTunes? Are you kidding me?

You’ll get most of this when iOS 5 comes out in the next few months. You can create a new album, and copy photos to existing and new albums – though you cannot drag a photo or move one from one album to another.


Question from Kartik Saraf: Why can’t we use the multitasking features they promised us in iOS 4.3? Also, how come the iPad doesn’t come built in with location services in case they get lost? How come we have to pay for that service?

That was not promised for 4.3 or even for public release when those were first unveiled in a beta. They are coming in iOS 5 though. Location services is built-in, and Find My iPhone / iPad has been a free feature for some time now.

Kartik also asked: How do you fix the screen of an iPad when it is broken?

You could look for a do-it-yourself type guide from source like, though I think this is only for the brave of heart. A better bet is to look for a local repair tech in your town or just go to Apple themselves if at all possible.

iPad Safari, Mail and Calendar Questions


Question from Alex Friesen: Ok, so when I browse on my PC I love to use the search feature to find a specific word on the page I am at. Just like searching words in a document. I really miss this feature in my iOS browser (which is safari). Am I missing something or is it just not possible and I’ll have to wait for a better safari with a fix for that? Thank you :)

This feature – Find in Page – is already there on iOS 4.2 and later for the iPad. When you search using the default search bar, as you type you’ll see a bottom section of the results labeled ‘On this page’.

Question from Todd: My wife and I each own an iPad2, when creating calendar events, she has the option to add invitees and I do not, could this be because she is on the exchange email from her work?

Yes it could, but you should be able to do the same if you setup a Google Sync Calendar account entry. Here’s a quick setup guide for this:

Question from Dwayne: How do you clear the cached email addresses from email?

We don’t know of a way to do this directly on a stock iPad without a restore of the device. There are some possible solutions solutions via 3rd party apps and if you are jailbroken. You may want to check out this MacRumors forum thread for more info:

Question from Diane Roeder: I’ve been waiting for the chance to ask questions!  I have several… Here’s the first one.  For the last month or so I no longer see images in gmail messages, even when I touch on display images.  I’ve looked through settings and I think everything is correct.  It’s the same on both safri and Diigo Browswe.  Suggestions?

A couple things to try here if you haven’t already: clear the Safari cache via the Settings app, and restart the iPad. It would also be useful to know if you see the same issue when using the Mail app on the iPad.

Questions on iPad Photos and Sync


Question from Gene: Is there a way to capture a picture of incoming video caller?

Just take a screenshot in whichever app you’re in. You do this by pressing the Sleep / Power button and the Home button simultaneously for just a moment – you’ll see the screen flash white for a split second, you’ll hear a camera shutter sound, and the image will be inserted into your Camera Roll (on the iPad 2) or Saved Photos album (on the original iPad).

Question from Derrick: I was wondering if there is any way to stop the iPad from shrinking pictures? I have a first generation iPad and love using Snapseed to work on photography but no matter how large the image size is originally from my Canon DSLR, whenever I export from the iPad the pictures are tiny, certainly not large enough in resolution to print.
Their fine fornsharing on the web but not for much else…

You should find that if you copy your images straight out of the Camera Roll and paste them into an email, the resolution does not get reduced. There are also a handful of 3rd party photo editing apps that will export in quite high resolution – e.g Photo Toaster can export in 8 megapixel.

Question from Tarek: Okay i’d like to consider myself a more advanced user of the iPad. But what still baffles me is the whole pictures syncing. I’m not sure if you’ve covered this in a post before, but to me it seems so rigid having to lock yourself to one folder and not being able to manually copy pics to your iPad. When I need an image on my iPad, I e-mail it to myself and then save it! Is this normal?!

I think your best bet here is Dropbox or a similar online file sync type service. Dropbox is free for up to 2GB of data, and has reasonable prices for more space.

Question from Maureen Wildauer: I have an iPad2. I would like to download my photos on it. I figured out how to load some thru iTunes but when I load another batch they delete the first batch of photos. Is there a way to have all my great photos to share on my iPad?

It sounds like you just need to make sure that iTunes is set to sync all photos, and from the right source folder. Check that in iTunes when the iPad is connected to your computer – click on your iPad in the left-hand sidebar and then look on the Photos tab in the right-hand window.

A Question on Find My iPhone and the iPad Smart Cover


Question from Adam: is the find my iPhone/iPad worth anything if I have a smart cover for my iPad? If it’s asleep, it can’t be found, right?

I think it is quite a good free feature, that ups your chances of recovering your iPad if lost or stolen. Find My iPhone still works if the device is in sleep mode.

Buying Advice and General Questions

Question from Eric Morgan: Ok, I have my iphone 4 and macbook pro.  Together we are inseparable.  I have spent months now talking myself out of buying an ipad due to the fact that I can do everything I need to with my current devices.  However, as a film maker I am constantly trying to decide how I could use it to make the overall process more fluid.  Do you have any suggestions as to how I can implement the ipad 2 into my process?  Thanks

We need to know a little more about what your process is to see where the iPad 2 could fit in. A quick thought is that iMovie on the iPad 2 seems pretty capable to me, as a non film maker, and GarageBand could prove a useful tool for making quick intros / outros / soundtrack adjustments.

Question from Jood: grrrr….Netflix streaming doesn’t show Sopranos (so I’m killing
account). How do I watch Sopranos for free on my Ipad? If I can’t get
Sopranos for free, what are the best ways to stream tv shows or movies on my

If you can get TV shows onto your PC, then using the Air Video app ($2.99) is a good option for steaming to the iPad.  It will live convert the videos for you on the fly.

Question from Darryl: For someone who doesn’t currently own an iPad, would you suggest getting an iPad 2 or is there a chance that the iPad 3 will be significantly better on many levels and worth the wait?

Apple’s track record thus far with their mobile devices suggested that there are always fairly significant upgrades with each new generation – so it’s likely the next iPad will be a fair distance ahead of the iPad 2. Having said that, we are probably 6-7 months away from the release of a new iPad – so I’d say go get an iPad 2 if you want one now. It should maintain a high resale value if you keep it in good condition and that should help in terms of being able to upgrade to the iPad 3 next year.

Question from Charles: Here’s one:  what’s up with the stinkin’ facebook app?

Good question. We already know the iPad app is hidden in the code for the iPhone app – we’re just waiting for them to release it.

Question from Saad Khan: I have the iPad 2 since it’s release.  I was surprised to find out that it has a compass.  However, I am really confused on how it works.  Do I need an Internet connection for it to work properly?  Also, once I turn on a compass app, it tells me to physically swing the device into an 8 motion several times.  I’m really confused on the purpose of this.  Please help me understand this. 

Oops – we got this one wrong initially. The correct answer is that the compass does not require an internet connection to work. The purpose of the figure 8 motion is just to calibrate the compass. (using the iPad’s accelerometer and gyroscope)

Question from Brian (also asked by @ruiz22 via Twitter): Some applications opened in the background on the iPad take up battery life.   By double tapping the home button, you can see what applications are open in the background and taking up resources.    Is there a way to close all apps quickly versus individually?  The only way I know how is to hold down one of the open apps (similar to how one rearranges pops on the destop) and then close each one individually … a pain if this is a frequent task.

On a stock iPad, the only option is to do this as you’ve mentioned above, close each in the multitasking bar or just restart the iPad. On a jailbroken iPad there is a tweak to close all apps in the multitasking bar at once.

Question from Ann: There are times when i am unable to scroll down to see further content or go to the next page iN what i am reading. Why is that?

We need some more information on this one. Is this in the Safari web browser or in a specific app, or all apps?

OK, that’s it for Round 1 of our iPad questions and answers. If you have suggestions or alternative or better answers on any of the above, please share those with us in the comments.

If we answered one of your questions and you want to follow up or ask for more information on it, please let us know.

I’ll look to get another ‘Round 2’ post up next week – asking for more of your iPad questions.

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  1. Compass/figure eight calibration?
    Can I simply hold the the iThing flat, or does the top need to face through the full 360 (720?) degrees?

  2. Great post. Next question:

    Is it a problem with Safari or has Netflix intentionally made it so that I can’t manage my DVD queue with an iPad?

    Thinking about it, all my questions spring from the one big question: With iOS 5 and iCloud will I really be able to give up my Mac? I know there will be some sacrifices – no longer being able to rip CDs and DVDs being the most obvious, having to store lower resolution photos is another. These changes I may be able to live with but there are a few other things that will need to fall into place first.

  3. Thanks for tip about setting up gmail as an exchange account, rather than straight gmail. That dealt with a couple of my major IPAD annoyances.

  4. I am trying sync my iPhone, iPad, and pc. I was able to upgrade both my phone and pc, I think, but when I tried to upgrade my iPad, I get a message saying I have purchases that need to be transferred to my iTunes library before upgrading. Where do I found out how to do this. I can’t find it in my manual. I tried following the directions. On the Apple support site, ut it said to go to my iTunes and select store- there is no “store” on my screen. I want to get everything synced so I can use the cloud and get all my music downloaded once. Yikes! Can anyone point me in the right direction?

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