Your iPad Questions: Lets Have ‘Em – Round 2

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Last week we did Round 1 of what I hope may become a regular series here – asking for your iPad questions. Here’s the idea:

We do our best to share some handy tips and tricks posts here on a regular basis – check out our iPad Tips & Tricks page if you haven’t ever had a chance to read any of those.

I’d like to take the tips and advice section of the site to the next level now. I’m sure at least some of you lovely readers have some iPad questions that we’ve never covered here. And I’d love to hear them.

We got a great response to the first post and did our best to come up with some good answers for all the iPad questions submitted. So today is Round 2. Lets have some more of your iPad questions. Hit the break for the simple outline of how to get yours in …

Submit your questions


  • An email to (being sure to change the AT to an @ symbol)
  • An @ message to our Twitter account @iPadInsightBlog
  • As a comment on this post

Any sort of iPad question is fair game – buying advice, how-to type questions, questions on how to fix a problem, or whatever else is on your mind. Keep in mind that the more detailed you can be about what you’d like to know, the better an answer we can come up with.

Our Answers

We’ll do our best to answer all and to share a post, video, or both, with answers as often as we get a good set of questions submitted.

A Little Incentive & Prize

Just to spice it up a little bit, I’ll also pick a random winner at the end of this week from all those who submit questions and they’ll receive a $20 iTunes Gift Card.

I hope you like this idea and have some questions to hit us with. If so, let’s hear ‘em.

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12 thoughts on “Your iPad Questions: Lets Have ‘Em – Round 2”

  1. Love this posting – THX
    I have an old iPad(1) and have moved many photos on to it with the Camera attachment kit – Now I need to move these photos to my MacBook – How do I do that ?

    I know with my iPad2 – I see all the photos I took with the built-in camera when I plug the pad in and run iPhoto – but I don’t see a device in iPhoto when I plug in my iPad(1). iTunes let me push or sync photos to the iPad but I need to go the other way. Can I get the iPad to appear as an ex-drive on my desktop so I can hack into the folder structure to find the photos?

    Sincerely “Puzzled”

  2. My question is about printing – I have a friend who does estimations on various home renovation projects – she wants to use the iPad2 as a tool to survey the job, take video, pictures and format that into a template that she can send to her construction crew so they arrive with a complete understanding of the job before they even arrive. That is all fairly straight forward – however the last requirement is to leave a printed estimate with the client (some clients are older and simply don’t use email) – I can’t find a portable bluetooth printing solution for the iPad, so far the only thing I have been able to come up with is to use an airport express with a bulky airprint enabled printer, but that isn’t realistic. Any suggestions? Is there a jailbreak option that would work?

  3. Still until today i am not capable to have more than one calendar in my calendar app. This cant be it, right?! I want to have seperate calendars for work and private life. But how? Thanx in advance :)

  4. hi
    what a great feature. i was wondering why i am unable to copy and paste from the ny times website. i can from others not ny times, any thoughts?

  5. I’m a new user and would like to know where and how to put in number coordinates for a location, ie. N45° 07′ 54.4″; E024° 40′ 29.4″

    Thanks for your help.

  6. Reply to Alex Friesen about different calendar:
    I have an iPad 2 and I found a simple way to separate professional and private life by simply setting the calendar option in the email set-up. Note, that not all email addresses have this function (Yahoo and Gmail does).
    After setting up the calendar option, you can simply assign the corresponding meeting to the desired email. And choose your which email calendar you wish to view.
    Hope, it’s helpful.

  7. Is there way to wirelessly mirror everything on the iPad 2 with audio and video. Apple TV has limitations and I don’t want to run a long VGA or HDMI cable across my living room from the TV to my couch.

  8. I purchased an Ipad 2 yesterday and when I set it up, under general, there is no heading for Ipad cover Lock/Unlock. Why not? Is my Ipad defective?

  9. I upgraded to i OS 5 on my iPad and when I open up Safari, there are “tabs” of websites that I have been on across the top of the page. Is there a way to delete these?


  10. I had an Ipad 2 WiFi for xmas. I travel to all parts of the world and want to know if I can use a dongle to connect to the internet in areas where I am unable to use a local hotspot, or paying to go on a ships internet which takes ages and costs a fortune. on my last trip a person had a dongle for her laptop and immediately had internet conection. If I can how do I go about it? Thank you in anticipation.

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