Your iPad Questions – Let’s Hear ‘Em (and a chance to win an iTunes Gift Card)

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We do our best to share some handy tips and tricks posts here on a regular basis – check out our iPad Tips & Tricks page if you haven’t ever had a chance to read any of those.

I’d like to take the tips and advice section of the site to the next level now. I’m sure at least some of you lovely readers have some iPad questions that we’ve never covered here. And I’d love to hear them. So here’s how this will work:

Submit your questions


  • An email to (being sure to change the AT to an @ symbol)
  • An @ message to our Twitter account @iPadInsightBlog
  • As a comment on this post

Any sort of iPad question is fair game – buying advice, how-to type questions, questions on how to fix a problem, or whatever else is on your mind.

Our Answers

We’ll do our best to answer all and to share a post, video, or both, with answers as often as we get a good set of questions submitted.

A Little Incentive & Prize

Just to spice it up a little bit on this first try, I’ll also pick a random winner later this week from all those who submit questions and they’ll receive a $20 iTunes Gift Card.

I hope you like this idea and have some questions to hit us with. If so, let’s hear ‘em.

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23 thoughts on “Your iPad Questions – Let’s Hear ‘Em (and a chance to win an iTunes Gift Card)”

  1. Ok, I have my iphone 4 and macbook pro. Together we are inseparable. I have spent months now talking myself out of buying an ipad due to the fact that I can do everything I need to with my current devices. However, as a film maker I am constantly trying to decide how I could use it to make the overall process more fluid. Do you have any suggestions as to how I can implement the ipad 2 into my process? Thanks

  2. Love your blog–also on Facebook
    Question: grrrr….Netflix streaming doesn’t show Sopranos (so I’m killing
    account). How do I watch Sopranos for free on my Ipad? If I can’t get
    Sopranos for free, what are the best ways to stream tv shows or movies on my
    IPad2? Jood

  3. Some applications opened in the background on the iPad take up battery life. By double tapping the home button, you can see what applications are open in the background and taking up resources. Is there a way to close all apps quickly versus individually? The only way I know how is to hold down one of the open apps (similar to how one rearranges pops on the destop) and then close each one individually … a pain if this is a frequent task.

  4. I have the iPad 2 since it’s release.  I was surprised to find out that it has a compass.  However, I am really confused on how it works.  Do I need an Internet connection for it to work properly?  Also, once I turn on a compass app, it tells me to physically swing the device into an 8 motion several times.  I’m really confused on the purpose of this.  Please help me understand this.  

  5. Why doesn’t the Photos app on the iPad support adding a new album, renaming an albumn, and moving pictures by dragging from one albumn to another? You mean I have to plugin in to my laptop and use iTunes? Are you kidding me?

  6. Your tweets have pride of place on my Flipboard ;)

    I was wondering if there is any way to stop the iPad from shrinking pictures?
    I have a first generation iPad and love using Snapseed to work on photography but no matter how large the image size is originally from my Canon DSLR, whenever I export from the iPad the pictures are tiny, certainly not large enough in resolution to print.
    Their fine fornsharing on the web but not for much else…

  7. I have an iPad2. I would like to download my photos on it. I figured out how to load some thru iTunes but when I load another batch they delete the first batch of photos. Is there a way to have all my great photos to share on my iPad?

  8. For someone who doesn’t currently own an iPad, would you suggest getting an iPad 2 or is there a chance that the iPad 3 will be significantly better on many levels and worth the wait?

    How do I redeem my gift card? LOL, just kidding. Great contest by the way!! Going to retweet this.

  9. Question: is the find my iPhone/iPad worth anything if I have a smart cover for my iPad? If it’s asleep, it can’t be found, right?

  10. Okay i’d like to consider myself a more advanced user of the iPad. But what still baffles me is the whole pictures syncing. I’m not sure if you’ve covered this in a post before, but to me it seems so rigid having to lock yourself to one folder and not being able to manually copy pics to your iPad.

    When I need an image on my iPad, I e-mail it to myself and then save it! Is this normal?!

  11. There are times when i am unable to scroll down to see further content or go to the next page iN what i am reading. Why is that?

  12. I’ve been waiting for the chance to ask questions! I have several… Here’s the first one. For the last month or so I no longer see images in gmail messages, even when I touch on display images. I’ve looked through settings and I think everything is correct. It’s the same on both safri and Diigo Browswe. Suggestions?

  13. Why can’t we use the multitasking features they promised us in iOS 4.3? Also, how come the iPad doesn’t come built in with location services in case they get lost? How come we have to pay for that service?

    How do you fix the screen of an iPad when it is broken?

  14. Ok, so when I browse on my PC I love to use the search feature to find a specific word on the page I am at. Just like searching words in a document. I really miss this feature in my iOS browser (which is safari). Am I missing something or is it just not possible and I’ll have to wait for a better safari with a fix for that? Thank you :)

  15. My wife and I each own an iPad2, when creating calendar events, she has the option to add invitees and I do not, could this be because she is on the exchange email from her work?

  16. I have the same question as Joe. Is there a way to easily create albums and move photos around on iPad2?

  17. I like to take my iPad on the road.
    Often I want to copy files or photos from other peoples laptops on to my iPad.
    But not everybody likes to install iTunes (or any other software for that matter) on their system just to be able to give me some files.
    So I wonder what is the best or easiest way to do this?


  18. Heyy :) I don’t know if there was a question like this before but I’m lazy to look sorry. I have games on the iPad and my sister keeps on playing on them I tried to tell her to please not, but she doesn’t want to listen as usual :'( she keeps on interfering how can I stop her? Is there any type of app that can prevent her from going on? A way to lock the app from her or anything? Please help! :) oh and if there is I don’t want to pay for the app lol :D thanks

    1. There’s no way to lock individual apps. The only thing you can do is use a passcode lock on the iPad itself. My best suggestion would be to try to work out a good sharing schedule with your sister.

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