Android Tablets Gaining Market Share, If You Count Shipped Not Sold

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This week has offered further evidence that reports of Android tablets gaining market share vs. the iPad are based on numbers of ‘shipped’ units, not units that are actually sold (which iPad numbers are based on).

Kevin C. Tofel at Mobilize points out this major discrepancy in a report from Strategy Analytics late this week that indicated Android tablets were starting to gain some ground on the iPad in market share:

I asked Strategy Analytics to clarify both of those points and received the following email response from Neil Mawston, the analyst who wrote the report: ”Yes, the press release refers to shipments, not sales.

Tofel also suggests that his own recent travels show a very different picture in terms of the momentum of Android tablets:

Regardless of the Strategy Analytics report, perhaps the best indicator of which tablets are actually selling is to see what people are using. I’ve taken four cross-country trips in the past month and I’ve also been out and about in my local area. In all of my travels, I always pay attention to which mobile devices are being used. I saw iPads, smartphones and laptops, but aside from my own 7-inch Samsung Galaxy Tab, not one single Android tablet.

Another good (intended pun coming up) indicator of how Android tablets are faring vs. the iPad comes from the folks at Good Technology. Good Technology are a leading provider of middleware and services to enterprises adopting mobile solutions.

As The Loop reported, Good’s recent report on enterprise adoption rates notes that Android is a ‘rounding error’ compared to the iPad:

To say iOS tablets (iPad and iPad 2) dominated adoption in the enterprise is to understate the case,” wrote Good in its report. “While more and more devices running the tablet-tuned Honeycomb version of Google’s Android operating system have been released, Android tablet activations within Good’s customer base remain in the realm of a rounding error compared to what we’re seeing with iPad and iPad 2.”

And that’s in the enterprise space, where the iPad is thought by some to not be as strong as in the consumer space.

We’ve also seen over recent months that ‘shipped’ numbers did not pan out so nicely for many of the supposedly ‘leading’ Android tablets. I can’t see why anyone would want to quite shipped numbers at all anymore in this sort of area.

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One thought on “Android Tablets Gaining Market Share, If You Count Shipped Not Sold”

  1. When Apple stores were the major (if not only) outlet for iPads I could see the argument of Apple iPad sales numbers being close if not identical to sales numbers.. Now that there are so many more outlets, that argument no longer holds.. Shipped numbers, though inaccurate does show growth.. Why would you keep shipping if nothing was selling.. If I was an outlet I sure wouldn’t be ordering more inventory if I had lots in stock.

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