Blackberry PlayBook – Professional Grade Trash Talk

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The image above is a promo page for the Blackberry PlayBook, spotted by Jim Dalrymple and others recently. Just in case you can’t see it well, the headline reads:

Amateur Hour Is Over

The implication being that now that the PlayBook has arrived we finally have a ‘professional-grade’ (a favorite phrase used in promoting the PlayBook) tablet on the market. And that would be the same tablet that arrived a year after the clear leader in the market but was still ‘rushed to market’. The same tablet that has been met with reviews that range from middle-of-the-road to flat-out scathing. The same tablet that has no native email app, or calendar app, or contacts app.

The Blackberry folks are certainly professionals at talking a whole lot of trash before achieving anything at all. Other than that, I can’t think of a single reason why the term ’professional-grade’ applies to this also-ran tablet.

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3 thoughts on “Blackberry PlayBook – Professional Grade Trash Talk”

  1. This is just a further act of desperation by a company who’s, unfortunately, fading quickly into oblivion. The PlayBook will flop unless there are a lot of flagship apps appearing in short order and honestly, I cannot see that happening- developers really don’t care to develop for PlayBook.

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