Blackberry PlayBooks on Sale at Crazy Prices

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The Blackberry PlayBook has not seen much success since its launch last year. Reviews for it ranged from mediocre to scathing, and sales have never taken off. In fact, sales were so poor that RIM had to take a $485 million charge in their last financial quarter because of unsold PlayBook inventory.

Towards the end of last year, PlayBooks were sold at deep discounts, presumably to help clear some of that surplus inventory. Now PlayBooks are on sale again – and this time with some very odd pricing levels. As you can see above, you can now get a 64GB PlayBook for the same price ($299) as a 16GB PlayBook. That’s a $400 discount on the standard price for the 64GB model.

Today there are rumors round the web of a major shakeup in RIM’s management, and again you have to wonder whether the PlayBook will soon be discontinued.

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3 thoughts on “Blackberry PlayBooks on Sale at Crazy Prices”

  1. These look like desperate prices for a desperate time. Thats a huge price cut for a tablet. It’s a great deal for those that want a decent tablet but don’t want to pay ipad prices. In the long run though the ipad is sill the better bet. Does more and will hold a much higher re sale price later on which would probably eliminate the price difference.

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