CES Tablet Specs Look Like Good News for iPad 2 Fans

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Just as expected, there are already a number of new tablet devices being announced at the big CES event in Las Vegas this week. The Xoom from Motorola, shown above, is just one of the more notable ones I’ve seen mentioned so far.

It’s clear the iPad is going to have a lot more competition this year, especially as it had almost none in 2010.  One thing that I find very encouraging when I’m reading about all these new tablet rivals is that many of them are boasting dual-core processors and cameras and a hell of a lot more RAM than the iPad V1.

While hardware specs are hardly the biggest factor when choosing iOS devices over rivals, I can’t see Apple letting the iPad 2 be released with specs that trail potential rivals. So I’d say a dual-core processor, beefed up RAM, and camera/s for the iPad 2 have gone from good bets to near sure things.

What do you all think? Have you seen any tablets announced at CES that you’re tempted to get?

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