Dumb Trash-talking Ad for Asus’ iPad Rival Pulled by Best Buy

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The image above is a banner ad for the Asus EeePad – that was apparently briefly displayed at Best Buy’s online site, before reportedly being pulled by the retailer, possibly after a request from Apple.

I’d say let the ad run wherever Asus wants to post it. It’s more than stupid enough to do the upcoming tablet’s fortunes more harm than good on its own anyway.

Seriously, what a dumb ad. What point is it even trying to make? That users hate on-screen keyboards? There are plenty of keyboard dock, keyboard + case, and wireless keyboard solutions for that for the iPad. If that’s really the killer feature Asus wants to run with, well then good luck with that.

Also, doesn’t the Asus tablet look a hell of a lot like a netbook? Because they haven’t seen their sales utterly torn apart by the iPad right?  

News Via: 9to5Mac

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5 thoughts on “Dumb Trash-talking Ad for Asus’ iPad Rival Pulled by Best Buy”

  1. Stop hating. This article is bad. I think netbooks have their advantage over ipads. For me (and i am sure a lot of other people), a keyboard is essential. Plus, netbooks actually run windows, which for me is a LOT better than iOS.

  2. @Julian

    Your complaint, along with everyone else who has ever made a similar complaint, lacks considerable knowledge regarding computer evolution. A laptop is a miniaturization of a desktop, and a net-book is a miniaturization of a laptop. An iPad is not a net-book nor a laptop replacement. Because computers have expanded into many fields and uses, even within the home, it is no longer practical for a single computer to be used for everything. Whether you like it or not, the functions of a single computer will eventually be fragmented into separate dedicated devices like the iPad. How often do you complain that your DVD player doesn’t have the functions of your TV?

    P.S. When you can strum the strings of a guitar on your net-book screen, then I’ll listen to your view.

  3. Julian

    Hasn’t apple proved to you and the other 8 people that feel you need a FULL operating system on a mobile device, that it’s about simplicity and ease of use. Not, “your desktop but smaller”. Why does anyone need to user groups, networking protocols on a device you only want to check a email, bid on an auction, and tweet where you are headed to one minute before you walk out the door. But don’t take apples word for it, take a look at all MS’s abandoned windows table projects and even the way they are scrambling to find a mobile os to compete with iOS. Check your facts kid

    P.S. When you can sit down, turn on, write a paper, watch a tv show and face time with your grandma and not have to plug in your charger, then I’ll listen to your view.

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