Flirting with the Dark Side

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Nexus 7

I received my Nexus 7 32GB with Mobile Data last night. I think I was likely one of the last stops on the UPS route, as it hit my doorstep at around 7PM.

I’m not actually flirting with the dark side or planning a switch to Android. But I do think the Nexus 7 looks interesting and it seems to rated as one of the top small tablet rivals to the iPad mini. I’ve tried out both the 2011 Kindle Fire and this year’s Kindle Fire HD and wasn’t particularly impressed with either – so I figure it’s about time to spend some time with a tablet running ‘real’ Android as opposed to the Kinde’s heavily ‘forked’ version.

I have not spent much time at all with the Nexus 7 yet, so no impressions to share just yet – other than that my 9 year old daughter thinks it is ultra cool, despite being told she is not allowed to like Android devices.

Once I’ve got to know it better I’ll share some thoughts on the Nexus 7 of course – but I’ll likely do that over at my more general tablets site: 247 Tablets, while keeping the focus 100% on the iPad here.

Have any of you tried out the Nexus 7? If so, please share your thoughts on it in the comments.

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6 thoughts on “Flirting with the Dark Side”

  1. I traded in my practically new Nexus 7 for the Nexus 7 with data. I like the size and after using it pretty extensively on a recent trip to watch rented movies (goodbye RedBox) I was hooked.

    Works best if you are also using most of the Google services (Gmail, Calendar).

    Biggest downside on the Android tablets is the lack of apps written for the tablet form factor.

    1. Cool. I use quite a few Google services. Always use Google Sync for calendar and contacts, Gmail to consolidate several accounts, Google+. Thought I had uploaded a bunch of content to Google Music months ago, but not seeing it so far on the Nexus.

  2. Yes , yes, and yes. Probably most would say they tried or had the nexus 7 before the iPad mini. I am a android guy and it pained me to buy the iPad mini but I had too. Why you may ask? Because this time around apple was completely correct. The android platform can’t handle, do, or allow developers enough whatever to create real work apps. All their apps are mobile apps blown up. Every app I use or need worked better and looked better than its android copy on iOS. The last straw was when I couldn’t complete my 21st chapter of writing on ANY app bought or paid in the google store when I had finished 70% of on the nexus 7 before without a problem. I tried different apps, different nexus 7, and even my phone and all froze and lagged while trying to type out sentences. Same GOOGLE documentation running on same google app on iOS …no problem or hint of a lag. So bottom line I thought that the google nexus 7 was great but that was before I bought a iPad mini. Now all I see is things that just 2nd place finishers when compared to apples iPad mini look,design, feel, and sure use appeal. But hey I hope things end differently for you. In the end its what you need it for.

    PS: Another small little thing I thought was funny was the fact that android is known for their customization right? So why is it that iOS can create a wallpaper layout correctly while android has to go through hoops and different programs to do what apple does natively in its default iOS itself?

  3. Got both Nexus 7 and iPad Mini. Returned the Nexus 7.
    – Nexus 7 display has a cold bluish tint. I prefer the warmer iPad display
    – applications present data on the Nexus like it’s a big phone not a tablet. Check out Flipboard, Pulse, YouTube. Etc.
    – larger presentation space
    – resolution difference was not even a factor
    – Camera
    – Security. A little iffy how Nexus/Google ties in all my info automatically from my gmail, other mail, picassa, Skype, contacts, apps, etc. No single place where I can allow/disallow this. Might have been something I could have investigated further. On the iPad, everything is pretty much in Settings.

    Although I kept the iPad Mini, the following are a bit disappointing:
    – Camera on iPad Mini does not have HDR and Panorama, you can get apps for these
    – nicely built but slippery without a case. Need a good case to get a good handle on it. Nexus 7 actually feels better to handle without a case
    – some cases where the smart edge (which decides if you’re just holding the tablet on the edge and not executing a function) won’t allow me to actually execute a function. Need several tries.

    Very happy with my iPad Mini.

  4. Hey Digital crack, You have to go through hoops for wallpaper on android because its a virtual sliding background rather than just an old fashioned still. There is also live animated wallpaper if you cared to look for 2 minutes! Way better than current IOS wallpaper in every way!

    Listen, I’m a iOS guy and have owned every iPhone and iPad ( also the new 4th gen and mini). I also just bought the Nexus 7 and I love it. There is room for both. I still find the ipad minis resolution very hard on the eyes when browsing and viewing web pages so this is quite a weak point for Apple in my eyes. Movies appear great though. ( apparently the battery would have to be thicker if mini was retina currently). The nexus 7 on the other hand is a noticeably higher resolution and easier on the eyes and the rubberized backing and size is a much better fit and grip, although, I find the color better on the mini and really neither compare to the ipad 4. Both the mini and 7 processors are underpowered and both lag at times. The wifi is dual on both iOS and only singular on the Nexus 7 so wifi is quicker when setup correct. But for just 199 you can take the nexus 7 maps on the road for free as it has GPS already so maps work and although the new IOS Maps 3d buildings look great ( along with limited offline mapping ability ) the nexus blows the iPads away for mapping both on and offline abilities.

    Siri, sorry but google voice has most definitely trumped Apple hear but I installed google now on the iPads so I get both. This competition is gonna be great for all tablet users.

    As far as apps go if you want to get picky iOS has more ipad apps but most everything is on Android that the average user wants but I expect google to catch up fast and maybe overtake apple in a year or so. IOS dominance is only temporary and not a long term given at all.

    Mutli-user logins and private email ! Sorry Android only. (Wake up Apple please).

    Both formats are good and both have strong and weak points period. If this was just a year ago Apply dominated, now its pretty close. Just can’t wait for the 16:9 ipad 5 with the thin light battery and the retina mini. Till next year.

    1. Not sure what the big deal is with animated wallpapers. I have better things to do and a lot more info to digest than be entertained by my wallpaper.

      Multi-user login? This is post PC. The days of shared devices are over. This is my own personal device. If my wife wants one, I’ll get her one. Leave my tablet alone.

      I got a couple of applications crash on me on the Nexus 7. Fairly rare on IOS. Probably the cost of being open.

      Nevertheless, my son and daughter both use android devices.

      I guess everyone to his own.

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