Google Planning to Release Nexus Tablet of ‘The Highest Quality’ in Next 6 Months

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Apple Insider reports today on Google’s plans to release an Android Nexus tablet device within the next six months.

Google Chairman Eric Schmidt has teased that his company plans to release an Android-powered "Nexus" tablet within the next six months to take on Apple’s market leading iPad.
Schmidt’s comments, in which he said the device will be "a tablet of the highest quality," came in an interview with Italian newspaper Corrier della Sea (via Slash Gear). The comments signal that Google plans to make another push to counter Apple’s iPad.

So far Android tablets have barely made a blip in terms of tablet market share. HP’s short-lived TouchPad tablet is a distant second to the iPad in sales this year, ahead of any Android device. This may well change when we see figures for the Kindle Fire, which runs a forked version of Android.

It will be interesting to see what will make the Nexus a tablet of the highest quality. It won’t be great tablet apps, as I can’t imagine how developers can get enthusiastic about designing for devices for which there is currently almost no market. That leaves Android apps designed for smartphones – and we’ve all seen how crappy an experience that is when using iPhone apps on the iPad.

One of the biggest selling points for Android smartphones is a bigger screen, compared to the iPhone. That one is not going to have much mileage either – I don’t think any tablet owners or potential buyers are crying out for bigger screens.

What do you all think? What, if anything, might make a Nexus tablet a formidable rival for the iPad?

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