How Weak Are iPad Competitors? Check out this List of Top Ten Tablets of 2011

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Want a quick way to see just how pathetic the current state of competition for the iPad is? Take a look at ‘The 10 best tablets of 2011’ list put together by Jason Hiner for techRepublic.

The iPad 2 is Number 1 on the list. Fair enough, hard to argue with that – but the remainder of the list includes …

— One tablet that has already been axed by its own creators – the HP TouchPad.

— One tablet that is not even released and available on the market yet – the Amazon Tablet, which is straight in at Number 2, again without yet being an actual real product that anyone can buy. 

— The HTC Flyer, the one with a description in the list ends with:

Unfortunately, the Flyer hardware leaves a lot to be desired. It is thick, awkward to hold, and feels like an oversized smartphone.

— And the best entry on the list, at Number 9, the Blackberry PlayBook. Ah yes, the tablet that was, according to RIM, setting the standard and way ahead even before it was released. The one they promoted with the ‘Amateur Hour Is Over’ promo material. The one that came out with no native email app, got near universally terrible reviews, and has gained just about zero traction in the market.

The list is a bit of a surreal read, like browsing a list of greatest ever baseball teams that includes both the ‘27 Yankees and the Bad News Bears. Lets hope the 2012 list has some legitimate contenders on it.

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