If I See One More iPad Rival Described as ‘Rushed to Market’ …

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Here’s something that annoys the crap out of me lately. Just about every major iPad rival tablet device now seems to be described as ‘rushed to market’.

Every time one of them gets dinged for a lack of features or lack of performance or similar, it gets qualified with the rushed to market phrase and a promise of updates and upgrades months down the road to make everything all OK.

And each time I see that phrase used my first thought is … WTF??? These ‘rivals’ are being released a year after the original iPad, barely ahead of or later than the iPad second generation, and they’ve been rushed? And most of them still come out looking half-baked or less.

I guess I just don’t see how the phrase fits at all. The iPad beat all these devices to the market by a year. Now Apple has effectively lapped the field with the release of the iPad 2 – and yet we still get the lame suggestion that these other tablets are rushed to market.

Boy I’d hate to see what happens when RIM and Motorola and Asus and all the rest are in non-rush mode.

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7 thoughts on “If I See One More iPad Rival Described as ‘Rushed to Market’ …”

  1. There are two points here:

    1. “Rushed to market” generally means that a product was released before it was ready, not necessarily an indication of exactly how long it took to create it. This undoubtedly applies to the Playbook. It’s just not ready. Maybe you prefer the term “half baked”.

    2. 1 year is not a lot of time to create a totally new user interface, new apps and new hardware on an OS your developers may not be so familiar with.

    Apple spent years developing the underpinnings of iOS on iPhone and iPod touch before they adapter it for the iPad.

    So 1 year versus 3-4 years. “Rushed to market” is exactly the right expression in my opinion. RIM and Motorola are behind by a few years.

  2. I agree with Ken’s points. I’d also add that for a large part of the iPad 1’s lifecycle these competitors were poo pooing the tablet form factor. Perhaps a more appropriate phrase would be the rival manufacturers “got caught with their pants down and rushed a product to market”.

  3. Thanks guys – and yeah, points taken. I should have worded this more as ‘how ironic is it that …’ kinda thing. I just know it bugs the hell out of me when I hear about another day late, dollar short tablet that was rushed to market.

  4. iPad competitors are in a horrible situation and all of these unfinished tablets are just compounding the situation. Due to Apple’s secrecy they could have been developing the iPad technologies for years (which apparently is the case), then announce it and ship it within a month. They didn’t give their competitors the opportunity to see their hand and get to work on their tablet until the iPad was out. Now everytime a half-baked tablet comes out from the competitors it leaves a bad taste in the consumers mouth and pushes them towards Apple. So now their options are push out a rushed to market device to try to stem the iPad dominance or take the time to figure their shit out and release a complete product to actually compete. It seems they picked the former.

  5. It’s really a lame excuse for unfinished products that get pushed out the door and dropped on unsuspecting consumers. I believe one of the biggest reasons for the success of the iPad was its very long design gestation. Jobs has said in interviews that Apple actually built the iPhone around the iPad not the other way around.

    By the time the iPad was released it was really more of a 3rd generation product than a 1st generation. Apple prepared the market perfectly by educating millions of users about iOS with the iPhone and the not often mentioned iPod Touch which it still a great product in it’s own right, and to this day does not have a single equivalent competitor in the US.

    Sure, no one knew exactly what the iPad’s release would do to the tablet market but all these companies that are now rushing inferior products to catch up, really should have been paying more attention. It was long rumored that the iPad was in the works but apparently no one really believed it was a threat.

    So now we have all these wannabe competitor devices that shouldn’t be released because their makers are scrambling to catch up. Instead they should take a strategy from Apple’s playbook (sorry, couldn’t resist) and be thinking about what’s next and design for future instead of the past. I guarantee you that’s what Apple is already doing.

  6. Rushed or not reading the reviews are SO entertaining. It’s like watching a disaster in the making -sorry to admit that I feel a bit of Schadenfreude.

  7. Well I think…..

    I’m not gonna finish that thought, I just want to hurry and get my opinion out there with you guys.

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