iPad Rivals – Kindle Fire Burning Up All Other Android Tablets

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Amazon Kindle Fire

A recent comScore report is bad news for the vast majority of ‘iPad rival’ Android tablets. The report shows that Amazon’s Kindle Fire is dominating market share among Android tablets, with a little over 54% share in February of 2012.

That’s up from 29% in December of 2011, and far ahead of its nearest rival (the Samsung Galaxy Tab ‘family’) at 15.4%. No other Android tablet even got above 10% and the once Android Flagship tablet, the Motorola Xoom, came in at just 7%.

The report appears to be bad news for Google in particular …

For Google, the findings pose extra problems as it moves towards the low end. Although publicly content to let the Kindle Fire succeed, Google now faces a situation where the most popular Android tablet goes without not just Google’s official interface but the Google Play Store and other services the company depends on to make money from Android. A rumored ‘Nexus’ tablet may be priced at the same level to undermine Amazon.

And perhaps for all the smaller rival tablets as well – as the report shows that mobile browsing activity is significantly lower on smaller tablets below 9 inches in size.

Average Browser Page Views

2011 didn’t pan out to be the year that the competition for the iPad heated up; now we’re nearly a third of the way through 2012 and the field of rivals doesn’t seem any more impressive – especially when you consider that the Kindle Fire is really not an iPad rival at all.

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5 thoughts on “iPad Rivals – Kindle Fire Burning Up All Other Android Tablets”

  1. Google just needs better stability and integration of their OWN system designs and stop mimicking the iPad. They need to concentrate on things like customization, cloud storage (online servers), sharing online and locally, external storage (USB and SDCards), better camera 5MP or higher on front and back, and offer devs more incentives for app development.

    I love my iPad, but no iPhone has replaced my Palm Treo600 just yet.

  2. The problem all these reports is that Apple is the ONLY company that will tell you how many they sold, every other company does not so everything is a guess and varies depending on which analyst they use. Samsung did a log time ago tell you how many but refuse now, Amazon has never told numbers of fires they have sold. So who do you believe?

    1. Good point. And even when Samsung did used to offer up some numbers, they were for units shipped – which turned out to not be the same as units sold o course.

  3. Non Mac tablets will rule soon. I’m writing this from an iPad. iPhone and iPad browsing is a substandard experience. Can’t wait to change mine for a Samsung tablet with flash capabilities.

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