iPad Rivals Winning the Tablet Race Before Starting Apparently

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This is the year that the tablet market is meant to heat up, with lots of rivals to the iPad set to hit the market over coming months. For now though, nearly a year after the iPad was released, there’s only one real competitor to the iPad worth mentioning, the Samsung Galaxy Tab.

Despite the scarcity of actual competitive products, there’s no shortage of big talk from some of the vendors and fans of potential rival tablets. In fact, some of them even reckon they’re somehow in the lead in this race already, without even having an actual product on the market. Blackberry’s Co-CEO has said the Blackberry PlayBook is ‘way ahead’ and ‘setting the standard’ despite the fact it is still hasn’t even been released.

Microsoft has been saying they’re going to ‘make things happen’ in the tablet space – with Windows 7 no less – since January of 2010. And still there’s not a single Windows-based tablet released – or at least not any that have gained any attention at all.

I also hear via Twitter over recent days that Android 3.0 will redefine what tablet computing should be. My thought is that it’s hard for Android 3.0 to redefine anything at all while it remains, yes you guessed it, unreleased.

I’m not doubting that the iPad will get some meaningful competition this year. But given that it’s been out almost a year, has sold somewhere near 15 million units and has been a huge hit with superb customer satisfaction ratings, you’d think that its potential rivals might want to wait until they’re at least out of the starting blocks before shouting about how they’re winning the race.

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