iPad Still the Leader in Customer Satisfaction, by a Wide Margin

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Customer Satisfaction with Tablets

A set of recent Changewave surveys show that the iPad is still the clear leader when it comes to customer satisfaction. Their latest survey focuses quite a bit on the Kindle Fire and Fire owners’ intentions of buying on Amazon – but it includes some details on customer satisfaction levels found in recent surveys as well.

These show that no less than 74% of iPad owners are very satisfied with the device. Only 54% of Kindle Fire owners say they are very satisfied, and for owners of other tablet devices (a catch-all category for all the sad sack would-be rival tablets so far) the score is 49%.

I tried out a Kindle Fire for a few weeks back in November of last year, and based on that experience I’m really not surprised that its customer satisfaction levels are not that great, and well below those of the iPad. It’s hard to see how the Fire can maintain its sales momentum if these ratings stay at these sort of levels.

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