Is the Kindle Fire Going to Heat Up iPad Competition for the Holidays?

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Amazon’s  Kindle Fire tablet has been released this week and is drawing a lot of attention and buzz. It’s got mixed reviews, but also a general consensus that it’s going to sell well – perhaps even well enough to put a dent in iPad sales momentum this holiday season.

A recent consumer survey by Retrevo shows that more tablet owners and overall respondents are looking to buy a Kindle Fire this holiday season than those planning to buy an iPad, as shown in the graphic above.

Retrevo Asked: Are you planning on buying a tablet this holiday season?
– 20% of tablet owners said yes, an iPad
– 10% of non-tablet all respondents said yes, an iPad
– 27% of tablet owners said yes, the Amazon Kindle Fire Tablet
– 12% of all respondents said, yes, the Amazon Kindle Fire Tablet

A new poll done by has drastically different findings, though their poll is on consumers gift wishes which is different to buying plans. The Sodahead poll found the vast majority of respondents wanted an iPad 2 this holiday season.

In the "tablet wars," the iPad2 is the most sought after table with 65 percent hoping to receive it this holiday season. The Amazon Kindle Fire is desired by 24 percent of respondents and only 11 percent are hoping to get the Nook Tablet.

Additional information from the poll reveals that the iPhone 4S is the overall most desired tech product (39 percent), followed by the iPad2 (31 percent), Kindle Fire (17 percent) and Xbox Kinect (13 percent).

I see the Kindle Fire as a very different sort of device to the iPad. Ironically, given how often the label was aimed at the iPad, the Fire seems much more of a pure ‘consumption’ device while being far less productive, versatile, and capable than the iPad. And that’s fine, as that may be exactly the sort of tablet device a lot of buyers are after – and the $199 price is definitely attractive. Also, Amazon’s ‘ecosystem’ for books, music, movies and more makes the Fire one of the most appealing non-iPad tablets around right away.

I ordered a Kindle Fire on the first day pre-orders opened and it’s due for delivery tomorrow. I’ll share thoughts on it, as well as other non-iPad tablet, at my new tablets site – 24:7

What are your holiday tablet buying plans like? Happy with what you’ve got? Any plans to buy a Kindle Fire for yourself or a loved one or friend? Or already saving up for an iPad 3?

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2 thoughts on “Is the Kindle Fire Going to Heat Up iPad Competition for the Holidays?”

  1. iPad has nothing to worry about. Even at this rate the Fire won’t come close to iPad sales. The more iPad sales then the more app purchases which is the real money maker. I couldn’t imagine looking at the books for apple on app purchases alone.

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