Kindle Fire Gets Ripped by Conan, Marco, and Daring Fireball

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It’s been a bit of a rough week for the Kindle Fire. For starters, Conan and TeamCoco did a spoof apology for some of the Fire’s known issues – that doesn’t end too well for the device. 

John Gruber pointed out at Daring Fireball that …

Any request for Google’s Android Market — even in the web browser — is redirected to the Amazon Appstore on the Kindle Fire. More proof that Android is open and Apple is too controlling.

That’s pretty nasty as a general practice, and even more so considering this is an Android tablet – you know the ‘open’ platform.

Best of all though is the Kindle Fire vs. iPad 2 comparison table done by Marco Arment, creator of Instapaper …

This is Arment’s response to Amazon’s own Kindle Fire vs. iPad 2 comparison table, which they’ve been rather heavily promoting. Here’s just a snippet of it:


It rips the Fire for a number of its major flaws. Based on the few weeks I spent with the Kindle Fire before returning it, I’d say the knocks are fair and accurate –and delivered with a fair bit if humor as well.

Take a look at Arment’s whole table here – it’s a good rundown:

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