Latest Enterprise Mobile Device Activations Report: Who Cares about a Powerpoint App?

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Device Activations by Platform

The latest report on enterprise activations of mobile devices from Good Technology has very good news for Apple, the iPad and iPhone, and Android. And some very grim news for Microsoft and their Windows Phone and Surface tablet lines. See the teeny, tiny sliver of red in the chart above? That’s the Windows Phone share of device activations in the report. The Surface tablet line doesn’t even manage a sliver of the chart for tablet activations.

Here’s a little background on the Good Technology Mobility Index Report for Q1 of 2013:

With a diverse global customer base that includes FORTUNE 100™ leaders in commercial banking, insurance, healthcare, retail, government, and aerospace and defense, Good is uniquely positioned to provide insight into the adoption of new mobile platforms and devices. Good Technology analyzed the mobile devices activated by its customers over the first quarter of 2013 to highlight trends in mobility and device preference.

Some of the report’s numbers that jump off the page include:

iPad Dominating: The latest generation of iPad devices (iPad 3 and beyond) now lead as the most widely used tablets among Good customers, and Apple continues to hold a strong grasp on the tablet market with 88.4% of total activations.

Android Gaining Momentum: Activations from Android tablets almost doubled during Q1 2013, while Android smartphone activations remained consistent compared to Q4 2012.

The Only Way Is Up?: Windows Phone has the largest opportunity for growth, with less than 1% of total activations, as it continues to be dwarfed in comparison to the global market leaders.

When I see these sort of numbers I can’t help but think about those cocky Microsoft TV ads touting Windows 8 tablets and trashing the iPad. The ones that highlight how terrible it is that there’s no Powerpoint app on the iPad – something that would seem like a big deal to, say, enterprise users maybe. Well, the Powerpoint-less iPad is going like gangbusters in the enterprise, Android tablets with no Powerpoint app are showing some momentum too. Windows 8 tablets with Powerpoint – not even a 1% sliver on the chart.

Maybe it’s time to talk about an Excel app in the ads.

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2 thoughts on “Latest Enterprise Mobile Device Activations Report: Who Cares about a Powerpoint App?”

  1. I’m not a real big user of presentation applications, so not having Powerpoint on my iPad isn’t really that big of a deal to me. When I do need to do a quick one, Keynote does the job, and this graph shows that it’s sufficient enough for others as well.

    Thanks for sharing.

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