Maybe One Less iPad Rival Soon – Bye Bye Blackberry PlayBook?

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From the department of ‘Couldn’t happen to a nicer tablet’ rumors – BGR have reported on an analyst’s note saying it looks like RIM may soon be pulling the plug on their BlackBerry Playbook.

In a note to investors Monday afternoon, RBC Capital Markets Managing Director Mike Abramsky reiterated an OTR Global report that Research In Motion is possibly planning to stop production of the BlackBerry PlayBook’s Wi-Fi model. The Wi-Fi version of RIM’s tablet is the only version Research In Motion currently manufacturers.

If this proves true that will be an awfully quick demise for a tablet that RIM touted as being ahead of its rivals even before it hit the market. One that RIM talked up as being ‘way ahead’ and setting the bar for performance. I posted in April about how the major reviews of the device did not agree at all, and more or less savaged the device. Despite those, promotions for the PlayBook have been full of bragging – like the one at the top of this post shouting that ‘Amateur hour is over’. Their web page for the PlayBook even has this comical headline feature for the device:

More apps. More choice.

Seriously? What are there, around 25 apps for the PlayBook? Against 100,000 iPad apps.

Anyway, it looks like Amateur Hour may not be over just yet.

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