Microsoft Announces More Windows RT PC/Tablet Partners

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Windows RT Tablets

Microsoft has announced that there are a number of their hardware partners planning to release Windows RT based PCs/tablets, in the same class as their own Surface RT device.Here’s a slice of their article titled ‘Collaborating to deliver Windows RT PCs’:

If you are following Windows RT, perhaps you have taken note of the Asus Tablet 600 (Windows RT) announcement or Microsoft’s own Surface RT™ news. Along with Asus, we are excited to share that there will be ARM-based PC designs from Dell, Lenovo, and Samsung running Windows RT.

You will need to stay tuned for more details; PC manufacturers will be unveiling their products as we approach the Windows 8 and Windows RT launch. What I can say is the spectrum of form factors and peripherals being developed to meet each unique customer’s computing needs is unique in the industry.

A couple of things are interesting to me here. One is that, as ever, there are no release timeframes for any of these – just the mention above that manufacturers will be ‘unveiling’ their products. Of course we still don’t know release dates or pricing for Microsoft’s own Surface devices.

Even more interesting to me is that Microsoft seems to be emphasizing PC more and tablet less when talking about these upcoming RT devices. I think this reflects their thought that there’s really no such thing as the Post-PC era. And my gut feeling is that if their RT class of devices is more PC than tablet that’s not going to be a recipe for success.

Having said that, I’m still very keen to take a look at a Surface device, if and when they ever release one. :)

Spotted this news via: Gizmodo

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  1. Please excuse my “senior” moment, but what the heck does “RT” stand for in “Windows”?

    I swear, the older I get, the more I hate acronyms!

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