Microsoft Expected to Announce Windows 8 Tablet on Monday

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Windows 8 Tablet

It looks like Microsoft are finally ready to unveil a Windows 8 tablet, as reported by The New York Times and plenty of others.

Microsoft has invited the media to an event in Los Angeles Monday afternoon, where it is expected to show its tablet device. The entertainment industry Web site The Wrap earlier reported that Microsoft planned to announce a tablet at the event.

According to the NYT’s sources the tablet will be made by Microsoft themselves – a sign that Microsoft are trying to adopt the Apple approach:

For decades, Microsoft has made the software that runs a majority of the world’s personal computers, leaving a gang of outside hardware companies to design the machines. Apple, its rival, makes it all.

Microsoft is about to concede that Apple may be onto something.

On Monday, Microsoft is expected to introduce a tablet computer of its own design that runs a new version of its Windows operating system, according to people with knowledge of Microsoft’s plans who declined to be identified discussing confidential matters. It is the first time in the company’s 37-year history that it will offer a computer of its own creation. The device is aimed squarely at Apple’s blockbuster iPad, which has begun to threaten Microsoft’s hegemony in the computer business.

This is getting really interesting now. That’s a huge shift by Microsoft if the NYT’s report proves true. They very rarely produce hardware, and have very mixed results when they do. It’s also going to be fascinating to see how Windows 8 on a tablet works – and how the mix of the Metro UI with more classic Windows works.

I’m excited to see what Microsoft has to offer. They at least appear to be trying to bring some new ideas to their tablet this time, something which we haven’t seen much of from any other iPad rivals thus far.

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