Microsoft Slashing Price of Surface RT Tablet

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Surface RT Price Cut

It looks like Microsoft is about to slash the price of their Surface RT tablet line. As The Verge reports, the price for all models of the Surface RT is set to drop by $150 starting this Sunday, July 14.

With the new price cut, the price for the entry level 32GB Surface RT will come down from $499 to $349.99, and the 64GB model will be available for $449.99. The Touch Cover keyboard is still a $100 add-on.

This is yet another bad sign for the Surface line. Lowering the price by nearly 1/3 looks like a bit of a desperate measure, or maybe even a sign that the RT won’t be around for that much longer. This follows on the heels of a report last month showing Windows tablets had less than 1% adoption rate in the enterprise and a tablet web usage report that showed Surface tablets with a less than 0.5 share.

I think both Surface tablets have been hugely overpriced, especially as the latecomers they are to the tablet market. I’ll be shocked if we don’t see a similar price cut for the Surface Pro line soon.

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4 thoughts on “Microsoft Slashing Price of Surface RT Tablet”

  1. Hmm… HP Tab? Well, once it hits $99 it’ll be a sell out. You can’t TELL me something is good and when many others use it is is awful. Microsoft has the MS Courier as REAL competition for Designers for a tablet/computer on the go. But no, they wanted to take the easy route – One OS for all. Windows Slate and Windows 8.

    As a joke, just to test the market, Microsoft should THEME Windows Slate as Windows XP and I bet those devices would fly off shelves with the quickness.

    They need to listen to the customers. They can increase security and upgrade Windows back-end forever, but when they have a GREAT and USER-FRIENDLY INTERFACE such as Windows XP, why not release a version with an interface just like it?

    My computer illiterate friends and family seem to always call me over to to this fix that and what is this issue. After Windows XP, more calls. I then just make it clear I was going to customize the Windows Vista and Window 7 to look and act like Windows XP…

    Start menu to the left bottom.

    Show Desktop on the taskbar along with web browsers.

    Most thought I reverted their computers back. Nope. I removed all the ‘snazziness’ most do not want nor need to make a useable desktop.

    Tiles sound so simple they are complicated. It’s like taking the steering wheel of your car and putting it in the trunk and putting the gas pedal on the ceiling of your automobile. Does that make sense? No, but you could get used to it, right?

    Some of us will, while the rest will just go find something else that mimics what they ‘know’ naturally. I.E. Apple products and others.

    One day Microsoft will wake up and realize ‘ONE does NOT fit all’. And there are too many googlers that do not care for binging. Google Search was getting better, but as of late, some searches are overly crowded, but we still love it. Hence ‘what is bing’? Just another search engine that a few people use. What works for you, may not work for me and vice versa.

    I hope the best for everyone, it is the only way to the future – mistakes are the broken, but remembered steps to enlightenment.

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