Microsoft Wisdom: Tablets are PCs, Should Run Windows

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Just in case you were wondering whether Microsoft continues to utterly fail to ‘get’ mobile, their recent pronouncements on tablet devices should leave you in no doubt – they still haven’t got a clue.

As Apple Insider reports, the latest MS party line is that tablets should be viewed as PCs rather than mobile devices, and of course they should run Windows, not any sort of mobile OS like their own Windows Phone.

Speaking at Microsoft’s Worldwide Partners Conference, Windows Phone president Andy Lees argued that consumers “want people to be able to do the sort of things they do on a PC on a tablet.”
"We view a tablet as a PC," he said.
As such, Lees maintained that using the OS Microsoft built for phones on a tablet would be "in conflict" with its belief in having the complete power of a PC on any design.

Here are a few tiny flaws in that thinking:

— Buyers don’t think of tablets as PCs, they think of them as something to purchase instead of a PC

— Tablets with a version of Windows on them have been around for many years now, and have never gained any traction at all with consumers.

— For many of us, Windows is still a heavy, bloated OS even on the desktop – who the heck wants it on a mobile device (which by the way, a tablet clearly is)?

— Their ‘vision’ for tablets has lead to their just-barely-visible 1% share in the tablet market.

Great plan Microsoft – I bet those Windows 8 non-tablet devices will fly off the shelves.

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2 thoughts on “Microsoft Wisdom: Tablets are PCs, Should Run Windows”

  1. Someone should remind Microsoft that tablet users just want an easy, fast, trouble-free experience. Do we really want to deal with OS crashes, reboots and bloat? My god , NO!

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