Microsoft’s Surface Tablets ‘Officially a Flop’

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Surface tablet

Lots more bad news for Microsoft and their Surface tablets this week. Microsoft’s most recent financial results filing (for their fiscal year that ended June 30 of this year) show a total of $853 million in revenue from Surface sales – which some are saying is less than they’ve spent on marketing for the Surface line.

BGR, along with many others, have declared the Surface a flop when referencing the Surface revenue numbers:

That figure doesn’t include the $900 million write-down it took or the huge amount of cash it spent on marketing and advertising, so Microsoft has clearly lost a substantial amount of money on its Surface bet so far — yes, the Surface is officially a flop.

The latest estimate of total Surface sales, by GeekWire, is just 1.7 million units sold. That’s 1.7 million sold in the 8 months since the first Surface release. For a little perspective, 3 million iPad minis were sold in 3 days at its launch time.

Over the years I’ve seen many Microsoft fans argue that the success of the iPhone / iPad / Apple themselves was largely down to marketing. Well, Microsoft have marketed the hell out the Surface line. They’ve ripped the iPad in their recent TV advertising and painted it as a far less useful device than the Surface.

Maybe they should focus more now on making a tablet that actually lives up to their hype.

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2 thoughts on “Microsoft’s Surface Tablets ‘Officially a Flop’”

  1. Well, they did not listen to what we told them to fix.. iPad users, Android users and potential users.

    The Slate is NOT for everyone. This just shows how arrogant they are now. I LOVED

    Windows 95
    Windows 98
    Windows XP

    Since I had to move into HD Video I HAD to upgrade to Windows 7.

    WHY can’t they leave the ‘wheel’ alone? Great product, just update the back end, not the front end?

    Is it really that hard?

    Well, now they have their work cut out and need to start listening to the consumers. We have so many choices and the people have spoken with their wallets and usage.

    Let’s see some Windows XP User Interface, but some Windows 2014 FAST Coding.

  2. I would agree that the Microsoft Surface line has not sold well. The problem however (in my opinion) is not one of functionality on the part of the Surface. I own the Surface RT, I make frequent use of my.families shared iPad and my job involves the use of Android 4.2.2 tablets; the Surface is (in my opinion) just as functional/useful if not more so than its Apple and Asus counterparts. I think the issue IS with marketing. The marketing issue is not however one of quantity or quality but one of targeting. The Surface RT and Pro are not toys, they are machines intended to replace a students or business person’s laptop. The Microsoft advertisements comparing the Surface to the iPad are comparing apples to oranges (excuse the pun)
    iPads like Mac computer s are chiefly for pleasure and media manipulation, while Surfaces like PC’s are more business oriented devices.

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