Oh Good, Now There’s a Head-to-Head Review of iPad vs. The Tablet That Doesn’t Exist Yet

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Surface vs iPad

I’ve got great news for you if you’re a fan of apples to watermelons type comparisons. There’s a wonderful iPad 3 vs. Surface head-to-head style review at a site called Trusted Reviews. Maybe it’s part of a new Fantasy Reviews section.

Seriously though, these guys have done a head-to-head review of the iPad 3, which is what is often referred to as a real product that’s been available to buy and use for over 3 months now, and the Surface – which cannot yet be bought or used or tested out in any meaningful way by anyone other than Microsoft staff working on it.  Once again, Surface does not even have a release date or price tag as yet.

Beyond the comical nature of the comparison in general, I love that the Surface RT is deemed a slam dunk winner in the ‘connectivity’ section of the review. That’s the device that doesn’t exist yet, and which apparently has no cellular connectivity options, as a slam dunk winner over the iPad 3 with WiFI + 4G options. Great call there.

I also love that the conclusion section of the post says ‘It might be too early to call a winner …’. Wow, ya think? Think maybe you might want to wait for the Surface to be, I don’t know, released or something? 

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10 thoughts on “Oh Good, Now There’s a Head-to-Head Review of iPad vs. The Tablet That Doesn’t Exist Yet”

  1. Wow. I have to say Patrick, you leave no question as to where you allegience lies. I get it, you are a huge fan of Mac. In your mind, that means you must despise and scrutinize anything Microsoft does – the latest charge being the Surface. I need to point something out to you though. Mac is one of the only tech companies in the world the releases products within weeks of announcing them. They can afford to do that. Microsoft – at this point – can’t. They need to generate strength in their stock and thereby usable cashflow. How do they do that? Announce what they are working on.

    The majority of reviews and head-to-heads you see online and in magazines are written months before release of the product. The author receives Beta versions of the products in question to review. This in turn is intended to build buzz either prior to or at the time of release. Apple does this too. That’s how we get all our little leaks of Apple products before they make their grand announcements. I also suspect it is why Steve Jobs had that terrible reputation for a temper – and being controlling.

    So, unless you have received a beta version of the Surface and can verifiably refute the claims in the article, I suggest you hold your tongue.

    1. Being a fan of bacon doesn’t mean I automatically hate steak. Similarly, being a Mac fan should not automatically draw the assumption that one “must despise and scrutinize anything Microsoft does.” Furthermore, this is “iPad Insight”… not “Tablet World.” If there were a Mac bias of any kind, I’d say it’s completely appropriate it to have it on this blog.

    2. I don’t despise everything Microsoft does. I was a Windows Mobile user for many years and blogged about those devices back in the day as well – until Microsoft just neglected that platform for so long that it was no longer worth using.

      “The majority of reviews and head-to-heads you see online and in magazines are written months before release of the product.” No. The vast majority of gadget reviews are done when reviewers have had quality time with a real, released product – or at times after a small number of journalists are given a final release version of a product a week or so before release. That’s certainly the way it’s done with Apple products. Who the heck would even want to read a review done months before a product was actually finalized and released?

      As for refuting the claims in the article, you can look at Microsoft’s own specs page for Surface and see that there are no cellular connectivity options at all. The word connectivity doesn’t even appear. And I’ll wager that the person who wrote that head-to-head hasn’t laid hands on a Surface at all. In fact, that’s the crux of my point here – they’re ‘reviewing’ a tablet that neither they or any other reviewers have laid their hands on for any meaningful period of time.

      1. Not only that, but the “reviewer” also claims that Apple doesn’t make any keyboard accessories for the iPad, therefore the Surface is a clear winner. Ignoring the fact that Apple released a keyboard dock on day 1, and every iPad has worked with their bluetooth keyboard. No one has been allowed to touch the Surface keyboard yet…

        1. True, good point. And, because the iPad is an established and popular product, there are a number of good 3rd party options when it comes to keyboard case combos and the like.

  2. Totaly agree with the article regarding head-to-head review of iPad versus a new, unproven tablet displayed in a hermetically sealed box. Just thought you might like to know that Microsoft announced that new computers will start shipping with Windows 8 in Ocotober, but no specific details were provided. October is most likely when the new iPhone and iOS 6 will be released, which is probably why Microsoft picked October. Hmmm…

  3. In terms of connectivity, the reviewer was clearly speaking about connecting this device to other devices. That would be HDMI and USB ports to be precise. Mac, in their money grubbing wisdom, continue to use only their owned (licensing available) technology, rather than industry standards. It’s their choice, but in terms of “Connectivity” you seem to be stuck on a certain definition.

    AS for the inherent Maccers must hate PCs debate – I’ve yet to see you prove me wrong. There’s plenty of people who USED to use Microsoft and then blame Microsoft for pushing them somehow to Mac. The truth is, your average Maccer is an elitist. Anyone who might challenge that elitism must have something wrong with them.

    You complain about someone writing an article for a product not yet on the market (a VERY common practice in the industry) then you go on to Debate the claims he makes, thereby continuing the author’s original premise! So which is it?

    1. It’s more than a little ironic to (mis) use the term connectivity and then declare the non-existent tablet with no always-on capability the winner. The definition of connectivity that I’m stuck on is the standard, correct one.

      “The average Maccer is an elitist” What the heck does that mean? I’ve used and liked Windows PCs and handheld devices, Palm devices, Linux PCs etc. I worked for 15 years supporting networks, many of which ran mostly on Windows servers. I’ve got no inherent hate for Microsoft products at all. Lovely sweeping generalization though.

      It may be a common practice to write preview or speculative articles about unreleased products, but it is NOT common practice to write head-to-head reviews pitting an established product against an unreleased product. That’s not even close to being a common practice. Seriously, who on earth wants to read a head-to-head comparison of a thoroughbred vs a unicorn?

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