Recommended: Kevin Tofel’s Reasons for Selling His iPad

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I haven’t changed sides. I’m not thinking of starting a Galaxy Tab blog. But I still want to highly recommend Kevin Tofel’s post at jkOnTheRun on why he has sold his iPad and why he’s found the Samsung Galaxy Tab to be the perfect tablet for him.

Tofel has always been one of my favorite tech writers to follow. He strikes me as offering the perfect combination of being a flat-out geek, a very smart and objective writer expert on a wide range of tech subjects, and just a tremendously good writer as well. His post on leaving the iPad and moving to the Tab is a great example of all of these qualities. Here’s just a small slice of it:


The Tab is roughly the same size as, but thicker than Amazon’s Kindle, which ironically I sold when I got my iPad. Prior to iPad ownership, my Kindle would go everywhere with me because of its small size, light weight, stellar battery life and integrated connectivity. And I do mean everywhere: the device would fit in my jacket pocket or could be thrown — figuratively, not literally — in the car or in a gear bag. The Galaxy Tab offers me that same level of portability, while the iPad doesn’t.

The whole article is well worth a read when you have a chance:

I’ve always felt mostly on the fence about the whole 7-inch vs. 10-inch tablet subject, and Apple’s stated stance against the smaller tablet. Seeing Tofel’s appreciation of the Galaxy Tab, and that of some of my friends at Gear Diary, makes me hope that Apple may consider the smaller form factor at some point.

What do you all think about smaller tablets? Would you like to see Apple introduce a smaller model at some point?

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8 thoughts on “Recommended: Kevin Tofel’s Reasons for Selling His iPad”

  1. No way I’d switch. I played with a Tab… its too close to the size of a droid, not nearly big enough to make up for a netbook. At some point my iPhone takes the place of the iPad, so anything in between, to me, is of no value.

    I personally don’t see the tab any more portable than an iPad – you are foolish to be putting this thing in a pocket, its just way too big to treat like that. Anything more than the already too big Droid phones and you need to carry it like a man, or get a manbag. If I’m going to carry one it might as well have some real estate.

    That being said everyone has their own likes and dislikes. Its too bad Apple doesn’t have an option for someone that *has* to have a smaller form factor, but I have a feeling cost and development is best with one size at this point.

    The only thing that challenges my iPad is my 11″ macbook air. I now carry both in the same case, using either depending on the circumstance.

  2. > […] hope that Apple may consider the smaller
    > form factor at some point.

    You hope in vain. As long as you recognize that this your
    wish is just thinking aloud… every self-styled “pundit”
    in blogosphere parrots every other self-styled “pundit’s”
    call for a 7-inch iPad. Do you really think that Apple has
    chosen the iPad’s screen and frame sizes nilly-willy? Let
    me tell you, they have not. In fact, and I am staking my
    reputation on it, a future iPad will have 11.6″ screens,
    same as current smaller MacBook Air models, HOUSED
    STILL WITHIN the same, current enclosure (go get a tape
    measure, apply the diagonal logick to the iPad. The small
    MBA may then become discontinued). YOU READ IT HERE
    FIRST. Apple has a different market strategy from every
    Dick-, Jane- and Harry’s Android tablets, which tend to
    come with 7″ screens mainly because current Android can
    not drive anything larger, plus these companies don’t
    have the economies of Apple’s scale, thus no chance of
    making any larger capacitive-display items within economic

    1. Thanks for putting me straight. Now that you’ve cleared this all up for us, I’ll turn my self-styled blogging to another topic.

  3. …gotta stick with BIG for me. My eyes started needing bigger a few years ago and I really appreciate the size of the iPad for that reason. I don’t think the iPad is big for what I use it for, but I did keep my Kindle for reading. ;-)

  4. I wouldn’t mind seeing Apple make a 7″ iPad, but I doubt they ever will because it will siphon off resources from their other projects and cannibalize sales. I personally much prefer the larger screen of the current model, and don’t find the weight or size a big impediment. I carry it all over with me.

  5. I own both an iPad and a Galaxy Tab. I’m a traveling management consultant. The Galaxy Tab is now my main work computer and pretty much goes everywhere with me. The iPad gets thrown into my suitcase and is my entertainment system at the hotel. I watch Netflix, PBS, videos and play some games on the iPad. The Galaxy goes to the client site with me along with a Freedom Pro foldable Bluetooth keyboard. They fit into pants or jacket pockets. With them I take meeting notes with Evernote, process Exchange email, contacts, and calendar with Touchdown, and Office documents with DocsToGo. I use LogMeIn for the few times I need to access one of my Windows systems at home. The Galaxy is a wonderfully powerful and extremely portable little workhorse!

    1. Thanks for sharing – that’s some great and practical use you’re getting out of the Galaxy Tab.

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