Report Says TouchPad Sales at Best Buy Are Terrible

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Yeah, it’s definitely a hard knock life these days being an iPad rival. Reports this week – at Apple Insider and elsewhere – say that sales of the HP TouchPad at Best Buy are way beyond disappointing.

Apparently, the retail chain has sold only around 25,000 of HP’s new tablet and they’re “unwilling to pay for the more than 240,000 unsold units”.

According to the reports, less than 10% of TouchPads shipped to the retailer have been sold – talk about a stark contrast to the iPad ‘can’t build ‘em fast enough’ supply/demand equation.

Two things reports like these highlight: as the saying goes, there is still no tablets market, just an iPad market; and we’re clearly seeing the reality behind the sold (Apple reports iPad sales numbers) versus ‘shipped’ (other tablet vendors have preferred to release only numbers shipped to distribution channels) reporting methods, as in ‘shipped’ basically means nothing at all.

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