Survey Says: Even Blackberry Users Hate the Blackberry PlayBook

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Forbes reported yesterday on a recent market research survey asking about which tablet respondents would choose if they were buying a tablet had the iPad chosen above all others once again. Interestingly, it was the top choice among Android and Windows Phone users as well as the top choice by a landslide among iPhone owners.

The group of smartphone users with the least interest in a tablet on the same platform were, of course, Blackberry users. 53% of them said they’d like an iPad if they were buying a tablet. Their second and third choices were the Kindle Fire (at 12%) and the Samsung Galaxy Tab (at 11%). The Blackberry Playbook came in at 8.5%. As Forbes concludes:

This relative lack of enthusiasm among RIM’s own customers may explain, in part, why the company has struggled to sell the PlayBook since its April debut. Last week, RIM announced a $485 million write-off on its unsold PlayBook inventory.

Relative lack of enthusiasm? I’d say more like striking lack of enthusiasm.

This is the tablet that was ‘way ahead’ before it even hit the market. The tablet that was going to put an end to amateur hour. The tablet that forgot to have a native email or calendar app. How long before RIM pulls the plug on the PlayBook?

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One thought on “Survey Says: Even Blackberry Users Hate the Blackberry PlayBook”

  1. Just because there’s a preference to choose iPad instead of playbook, doesn’t mean they “hate” it. Your title and your bias stinks. Time for me to unfollow you. Goodbye.

    An iPad owner.

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