Survey Says: iPad Still the Runaway Leader in Tablet Usage

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March 13 Tablet Usage

The latest report from the Chitika online advertising group shows that the iPad is till the runaway leader in tablet usage share. The report is based on web traffic share – and the iPad’s lead actually increased during March – to 81.9% of US and Canadian tablet web traffic.

Just to repeat, that’s 81.9% for all iPads, and less than 20% for all other tablets. The closest rival? Amazon’s Kindle Fire at below 8%, followed by Samsung tablets at less than 5%.

The worst news on here is for Microsoft. Just months after the launches of their Surface RT and Surface Pro tablets, and the enormous promotional spend on them, their share is well below 1%. They’re running neck and neck with the Motorola Xoom, which was a major flop and was axed years ago.

Impressive numbers for the iPad.

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3 thoughts on “Survey Says: iPad Still the Runaway Leader in Tablet Usage”

  1. I’m surprised the Nexus tablets aren’t a larger percentage. I thought they were selling well.

  2. Well then what are the “other guys” using their tablets for? I bet they just sit there and play with settings and widgets all day long and then just use their desktop for their ‘real” computing.

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