The Nook Color – Not Just an eReader Anymore, More of a Tablet

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Barnes & Noble’s Nook Color has been updated, and is now much more like a full-fledged tablet device rather than just an e-Reader. The Nook Color has added apps, games, an email client (web-based I think), and support for Flash and web video.

It doesn’t look like it has an awful lot of apps as yet, but there are some notable names already showing up in their promo materials for the update – like Angry Birds and Pulse. There are also new ‘Read and Play’ books that look very much like some of the interactive eBooks featured in the iOS App Store.

Even with these new capabilities, which presumably will be expanded in future updates, it may become one of the more interesting tablet / reader options out there. For now, I think it will probably take more sales away from the Kindle than from the iPad, but it will be very interesting to see how the Nook Color progresses, now that it’s a tablet device.

Have any of you bought, or thought about buying, a Nook Color?

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5 thoughts on “The Nook Color – Not Just an eReader Anymore, More of a Tablet”

  1. I thought Nook Color used Android. I remember once watching them sell the thing on QVC (or maybe it was HSN), and one of the benefits they were offering at the time was a free OS upgrade when it came out (which it looks like they did, based on this post). I also remember them saying you could buy Android apps. Maybe it requires you go to a Nook store? They made it sound like it would be very easy to download a ton of apps.

    1. I think you’re right and it is using some version of Android, or at least has ability to run Android apps, but no idea which version of Android. I followed the link in their promo email that says ‘See all NOOK Apps’ and it took me to a page that only shows nine apps right now.

  2. Yes got the Nook Color for Xmas. Just uodated the firmware and it is nice. 140 apps right now and climbing. So far few are free. Most 1.99 or 2.99.

    Although very nice web surfing with flash…yes flash…the device stands at about 10% what an iPad is/can do.

  3. Yes, the Nook uses Android as its OS. However, like many Android devices on the market, it uses a “skin” to customize the experience. In the case of the Nook, the skin is to highlight the book reading experience and present other features like browsing to the user. With this new update, it brings Froyo to the Nook but it does not make it a open, full Android experience. It still does not bring the Android market onto the device. If you really want that on a Nook, do a search on rooting the device and you can transform the Nook into a full Google tablet.

  4. I have the nook color. I was thrilled to see it’s becoming more! I’m having trouble with the new apps being unavailable though…..can’t get the update to work. It says I have the latest update so what’s up? Please help! Jodi

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