Apple updates their WWDC app, festivities kick off in less than two weeks

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Apple has updated their WWDC app today ahead of their annual developer conference set to kick-off on Monday, June 8th @ 1 pm EST.   If you have never taken the time to look over the iPad version of the app, I urge you to take a look.  There is a vast library of audio and video sessions from previous World Wide Developer Conferences that are available for free.  You can create favorite lists to sort and set aside to view later, download or stream videos, and even leave feedback if you so desire.


Apple has really done a great job of providing a ton of information for developers who are unable to attend the conference in person , as well as anyone else who is interested in learning about specific sessions.  A quick glance of the available content indicated that Apple is making sessions from as far back as 2011 available to view.


The app also displays a schedule view of all the sessions for all the conference dates–some of which are simple placeholders.  More specific descriptions will most likely be apparent after the actual keynote is complete as not to ruin some of the unreleased content.  Lastly, you can also filter what sessions are visible in the calendar view by choosing the platform and specific track you wish to follow.


I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t excited to see another WWDC just around the corner.  Last year was one of the best WWDC keynotes in recent memory, and I’m always curious to see what Apple has in store for iOS and OS X in the months to follow.  In addition, WWDC is also a nice reminder that new iPhones, iPad and Macs are right around the corner, too.

Stay tuned to iPad Insight as we get ready to focus a little more on what we expect to see at WWDC, and how that will enhance the iOS platform and the iPad in the coming months.

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