Best Buy Lowers iPad 2 Prices, Latest Rumors Say iPad 3 Already Shipping

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Best Buy Discount iPads

Good times. There are now new signs of the impending iPad 3 launch nearly every day. Yesterday, Best Buy lowered its pricing on all iPad 2 models by $50 – so the entry level 16GB WiFi only model now goes for $449.99, and the top of the line 64GB WiFi + 3G model is at $779.99.

There are also rumors circulating over the last few days that say the iPad 3 is already shipping or preparing to ship for arrival in the US no later than March 9th. I’m not sure how credible these latest rumors are, but I love this line at Apple Insider about the upshot of them (emphasis mine)

The shipments could imply that Apple is preparing for near-immediate availability of its third-generation iPad. That device is expected to be officially unveiled at a media event on March 7.

The phrase near-immediate availability is music to my ears. Needless to say, I’d love to able to get an iPad 3 just a couple of days after the expected Apple iPad 3 announcement event on March 7.

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4 thoughts on “Best Buy Lowers iPad 2 Prices, Latest Rumors Say iPad 3 Already Shipping”

  1. Wow, if Best Buy lowered their pricing everyone will soon. Apple is consistent from vender to vender. It does seem inevitable that iPad 3 will be released soon! Will it play Flash? Does anybody know? All Things Must iPad

    1. The iPad is never going to support Flash, thankfully. Even Adobe have pretty much given up the ghost on developing it for mobile.

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