Crazy iPad Numbers: Apple to Produce 6 Million iPad 2’s a Month

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According to reports this week, Apple is gearing up for the iPad 2 to be an even bigger hit than the first generation – and they’re expected to order the production of 6 million units per month.

If true, that number would be significantly higher than the 4 million per quarter produced for the current iPad, according toDigiTimes. Overseas sources indicated that Apple added two additional touch panel makers, Chimei Innolux and Cando, for production of the "iPad 2."
The two new suppliers are in addition to current suppliers Wintek, Sintek Photronics, and TPK Touch Solutions. The expanded number of partners will reportedly allow Apple to produce even more iPads per month, reaching the 6 million target.

Wow. If the 6 million per month figure is right and they manage to sell that many, that would be over 70 million iPad 2’s sold next year. That’s a huge figure. If Apple gets anywhere close to that next year that would still represent a monster year for the magical tablet.

The rumor’s sources say iPad 2 will start shipping to Apple in January or February (as we’ve seen reported before) so that they can build up stock prior to launch. That should boost sales tremendously in its own right, as this year they took months to catch up with demand for the iPad. The same sources also say that Apple has no plans to produce a smaller (7-inch) iPad.

It seems amazing to me that we’re now just about a month away from an expected announcement of the iPad 2.

Rumor News Via: Apple Insider

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