iPad 2 Announcement Coming Next Week?

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Apple is reportedly set to hold a media event to unveil its next-generation iPad on Wednesday, March 2, in San Francisco, Calif.

What a week this has been for iPad rumors, and it’s only Tuesday. First there were a series of reports (now declared inaccurate) that the iPad 2 release might be delayed until June. And now much happier-sounding rumors – that Apple will hold an announcement event for the iPad 2 next Wednesday, March 2nd.

Citing multiple sources, Kara Swisher of All Things D revealed the date on Tuesday. Though a venue has not been named, it is expected to be held at the Yerba Buena Center for the Arts, where previous Apple media events have been held.

If this rumor is to prove accurate then invitations should be going out for it very soon. Let’s hope we see those in the next couple of days.

News Via: Apple Insider

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One thought on “iPad 2 Announcement Coming Next Week?”

  1. What surprised me was how many Ipad 1 owners was so interested in getting the Ipad2. makes me think Ipad 1 wasn’t really as good as everybody says less than 12 month old and looking for a newer better one?.
    just a thought.

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