iPad 3 Rumors Galore – Announcement First Week of March & Lots More

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iPad 3

Wow. Today is a day full of iPad 3 rumors. First and foremost AllThingsD reports that Apple will beholding an event to unveil the iPad 3 (or whatever it ends up being called) the first week of March. They also speculate that the iPad 3 will be available to buy a week after the announcement, just as we saw last year with the iPad 2 announcement and release about 8 days apart.

Next there are a handful of reports floating around with photos that claim to be iPad 3 shells, back covers and the like. 9to5Mac has a couple of good posts on these here and here. Some of the notable conclusions drawn from these photos include:

— The logic board looks noticeably larger than the one in the iPad 2 – which could be to incorporate a larger battery, or just to better accommodate a faster processor and higher rez screen.

— The camera is different – presumably improved.

— The LCD is different – again presumably improved, and dramatically.

There’s also at least one report going around that the next-gen iPad will not have a quad-core processor, but just a dual-core like the iPad 2.

One thing is for sure. Unless Apple makes a huge and unexpected shift in their handling of the iPad, we are now only weeks away from the unveiling of the iPad 3. iPad 3 rumors have been heating up for a while, but now we’re into the raging brushfire segment of things leading up to Apple’s announcement. We’ll do our best to keep you up to date with most if the kore interesting rumors, while not covering every wild new rumor that comes down the pipe.

It’s going to an interesting few weeks – and of course Apple’s unveiling can’t come soon enough.

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