iPad Rumors: Siri Coming to iPad in iOS 6

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Siri for iPad mockup

According to 9to5Mac and their trusty trusted sources Apple will be bringing the popular Siri voice-assistant feature to the iPad in iOS 6, the next major update to the iPad’s operating system. iOS 6 is expected to be released this summer or fall – we’ll learn more about when Apple holds their WWDC keynote event next Monday.

Here’s a slice of the 9to5Mac report on this:

Come this fall, people will start talking to their iPads. Apple’s breakthrough Siri Assistant, based on an incredible artificial-intelligence system, will no longer be exclusive to users of the popular iPhone 4S. According to trusted sources, one of the tentpole iOS 6 features is Siri support on the iPad. Not just the Voice Dictation brought to the iPad with the third-generation models and iOS 5.1, but the complete Siri voice assistant.

Siri, the software we first detailed for the iPhone in September of last year, brings all of its iPhone 4S features to the iPad, except for the phone-related commands. Music playback, iMessaging, Calendar managing, Reminders, Weather, Maps integration, E-mailing, Notes, Contacts searching, Safari integration, Wolfram-Alpha searching, and more are all present.

They also state that Siri for iPad will not be full-screen as it is on  the iPhone 4S, which makes sense given the major difference in form factors between iPhone and iPad. Their mockup shown above illustrates how Siri on the iPad might look.

I don’t feel hugely excited by the prospect of Siri coming to the iPad. It would be a nice little addition, but not something I would consider a tenttpole or flagship new feature by any means. I’ve owned the iPhone 4S since its release day and used Siri Relatively often on it – and like many users I don’t get anywhere near as great results as those Apple TV ads suggest. I’ve found the voice dictation feature far more useful – and it’s already on the iPad. It’s a feature I’m using more and more when taking notes and writing on the iPad.

How do you all feel about the possibility of Siri coming to the iPad? Would that be a killer new feature in your view?

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6 thoughts on “iPad Rumors: Siri Coming to iPad in iOS 6”

  1. Siri needs to get out of beta, or else it’ll be left just to ask “How much wood would a woodchuck chuck if A would chuck could chuck wood”

  2. I have iPad 3 with Siri dictation,but haven’t used it. If Siri is in iPad 4,is it worth an upgrade for me? If I have a question,I use Google for answers.

  3. I like using the dictation on the new iPad, sometimes it doesn’t work or maybe I am in noisy environment. i can still see that it is the way of the future. i use Dragon Dictte on my iMac and can write about 3 times faster using dictation. The first draft only needs as much editing for mistakes as when i am typing with the keyboard. Siri on the iPad – I say bring it on.

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