Latest iPad 3 Rumors – Production Ramping Up, Launch Event in Early February

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iPad 3, or next-gen iPad, rumors continue to heat up this month – and as they do there seems to be a growing consensus on the release timeframe. Here are some of the latest rumors on the iPad 3 that have caught my eye over the last several days:

— A Bloomberg report says that the iPad 3 has entered production and is on track for a March launch, that it will feature a higher-resolution display (probably Retina level) and a quad-core processor, and that it will connect to LTE networks.

DigiTimes (who are admittedly all over the map lately with their rumors) says suppliers of new high-resolution panels for the next-gen iPad are ramping up production and will ship 6-7 million of the new panels in the first quarter of 2012.

— Finally, the Japanese site Macotakara reports that an iPad 3 launch event will be held in February – with the release likely to be in early March.

Though there’s really not much new or unexpected in any of these, it’s always good to see the consensus building up leading up to the expected announcement / release period. A launch event in a few weeks sounds good, as does a release date in early March. I’m hoping we will not see LTE support in the next iPad though.

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6 thoughts on “Latest iPad 3 Rumors – Production Ramping Up, Launch Event in Early February”

    1. LTE is a type of 4G cellular data network. I’m not opposed to them in general but I would prefer not to see them not supported on the next-gen iPad this year for two reasons. They’re really not yet widely available here in the US and, more importantly, so far every mobile device that supports them has been seen to have ridiculously poor battery life when the feature is in use.

  1. Looking forward to it. I already have my iPad 2 “presold” to someone and will be sitting at my local Walmart all day on launch day to get it

  2. I don’t really care about the 4G cause both my iPads are wifi only. I find it cheaper to just tether when I need a connection. You can do so much without an Internet connection such as read from Instapaper, listen to podcasts, play a game, read a magazine or book all without the internet. Now the retina display is what I was hoping for last year that didn’t happen, so if that happens this year, I am in.

  3. I bought mu OPiad 2 At the end of Nov!Now correct me if I wrong But all the peeps who had just bought the IPad 1 Where the given the IPad 2 as a gesture as it just came out Are Apple going to be Doing this again ?? if Not Then they should have gave us the I for to wait till get the IPad 3, If they Don’t it’s the first Time I Can Honestly Say I’m Disgusted with apple for Doing this :-(((((

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