Latest iPad Mini Rumor: Production Ramping Up in September for October Release

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iPad Mini Mockup

The latest rumors reported by Apple Insider suggest that production for the iPad Mini (or iPad Air or whatever Apple decides to name it) is set to ramp up next month, in preparation for a launch of the new smaller iPad in October:

… fresh rumors say supply volume of the device are estimated to reach four million units per month beginning in September, giving the company enough time to prepare for the lucrative holiday season.

The report is based on sources at DigiTimes, which has a very spotty record when it comes to Apple rumors – but it does sound a lot like similar reports we heard from them about ramped up production for the new iPad at the tail end of 2011 and early this year, which seem to have proved accurate.

October seems quite a viable time for the release of the new smaller iPad too. One thing I know for sure – the more speculation I read on the size of the iPad Mini and how screen resolution and apps will work on it and how light it will be, and the more lovely mockups I see at iMore, the more ready I feel to buy it yesterday. As In, I really can’t wait to get my hands on this new smaller iPad now.

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One thought on “Latest iPad Mini Rumor: Production Ramping Up in September for October Release”

  1. It seems everyone is reporting some sort of production proof when it comes to the mini iPad, so I think the rumors are as good as fact by this point. When the New York Times gets involved with “undisclosed sources” I think we can be sure enough. I’m excited about the idea of getting one though because I would like to put it in my pocket like my Dish coworker does with his Kindle Fire. Only the fire won’t work with my Blockbuster @Home, which is perfect for streaming movies to my iPad from my Hopper receiver and Sling Adapter. I love that the Blockbuster @ Home really makes my iPad more worthwhile to carry around and get more money’s worth out of the service. I just use the Dish Remote Access app for streaming the content and the app is free too.

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