Latest iPad Rumor Says 12.9 Inch Model Coming Next Year

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12 Inch iPad

This week’s big iPad rumor is all about a much bigger iPad. It’s a rumor that was around for months back in 2013 and has now surfaced again via a report by Bloomberg, which says production of the much larger new iPad is set to get started in the first quarter of 2015.

The report states that the new larger iPad’s screen will measure 12.9 inches – a big step up form the current largest iPad Air model at 9.7 inches.

There would be a number of potentially ripe markets for a jumbo-sized iPad. One that was frequently mentioned when the 12 inch iPad rumors first started was the education market, with the large iPad replacing textbooks. Ironically, I’ve also read a report this morning on how the momentum of the iPad in the education market is on the wane. Maybe this rumored larger model would help address that.

What do you all think about a nearly 13 inch iPad? Would you use one?

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2 thoughts on “Latest iPad Rumor Says 12.9 Inch Model Coming Next Year”

  1. I have a MacBook 13″ that I am happy with for ease of use, depth of performance and portability, I also have an iPad mini 2. I can’t see how a 13″ iPad would be of use to me for a whole lot of reasons. I wish that Apple would have included more info on the iPad , in the box when I bought mine. Thank God I had my MacBook to help me find an iPad manual to get started.

    How about developing an hand held , multi-focal length iDigital SLR type camera for us news and nature photographers. Right now I am shooting with a Canon EOS 20D system.

    Gordon Alexander

  2. One of my frequent uses of my iPad2 is as a music reader. At 12.9″ diag, it would be a lot closer to a standard 8.5×11 sheet, making the scanned PDFs much more readable. I’ve toyed with upgrading from the iPad2 for a while, but the larger screen would definitely make me finally pull the trigger. The larger one might be too big to drag on stage for mixer control and set lists, but as long as my iPad2 continues to work, I’d be fine for those uses.

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